Colleges in the Southeast

<p>What are the best colleges/universities for English majors in the Southeast?</p>

<p>Rhodes, Davidson, Vanderbilt, Emory, Duke, Sewanee are the first that come to mind.</p>

<p>William and Mary as well if you consider VA still in the SE.</p>

<p>Wake Forest, Furman, Presbyterian College and Wofford.</p>

<p>You may as well ask which campuses have trees. Any good college will have at least a decent English program. In NC alone, superb programs in English and writing range from tiny Warren Wilson to UNC Chapel Hill.</p>

<p>I suggest figuring out the following:
[ul][<em>]Public or private?
[</em>]Small (<2000 students), medium (2000-10,000), and/or large (10,000+)?
[<em>]Rural, suburban, and/or urban?
[</em>]Is financial aid a concern?
[<em>]Are special factors (e.g. disabilities support or strong LGBT community) needed?
[</em>]Should certain extracurriculars be available (e.g. fencing or Model UN)?[/ul]</p>

<p>Yes, many colleges have good English programs.</p>

<p>What will likely make the difference will likely be other issues...</p>

<p>1) What else do you want for a "college experience"?</p>

<p>2) Will your parents pay for whatever school you get accepted? If not, then you need to find out how much they will pay and what your financial situation is.</p>

<p>UVA is also a great school</p>

<p>UNC is another great school to consider. They have a great English department</p>

<p>Duke, W&M ...</p>

<p>Emory, Vanderbilt, Rice, Duke, and Virginia are the five best southeastern universities.</p>

<p>^Rice is in Texas</p>

<p>College Of Charleston, UNC-Asheville, UNC-Chapel Hill, UGA, UVA, William & Mary</p>

<p>Florida State University: The</a> English Department at Florida State University</p>

<p>See also: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>


<p>@314159 my bad I was thinking the entire south....</p>

<p>in that case, as far as universities go, it would be Duke, Emory, Vanderbilt, and Virginia</p>

<p>Davidson, W&M, Washington & Lee should be added to Vandy, Duke, Emory. State U for VA and NC are good for research U's.</p>

<p>Georgia College & State University has a Creative Writing program that's highly regarded. It's the Alma Mater of renowned short-story writer Flannery O'Connor.</p>