Colleges near Boston for occupational safety undergrad?

I’m having a difficult time finding universities in New England that offer occupational safety, as an undergrad program.

Apparently there are only 30 accredited universities in the United States that offer occupational safety as a bachelors program (which is surprising).

UMASS Amherst for example has their school of health sciences which seems great, but not sure how related it is…

“Public health faculty members are experts in many pressing public health concerns such as obesity and diabetes prevention, women’s health, global health, aging and healthy living, and environmental health concerns. The Public Health Sciences major prepares students for entry-level public health positions; graduate programs; and medical, physician assistant, and nursing school.”

SNHU online has health sciences, but again it doesn’t seem that related to occupational safety.

“The program is designed for clinicians who possess an associate degree in an allied health field– such as dental hygiene, sonography, medical assistance or respiratory therapy, etc.”

Here are list of top colleges for this field. I don’t see BU, BC, UCONN, UMASS, SNHU, or even Harvard.

Unless I took online classes (I would prefer physical). I want to become a certified industrial hygienist. Most of the people in that career I’ve talked to only have a bachelors, and only took an undergrad course.

Any CIHs in New England. Where did you go to college?

My friend got her MS from Tufts Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering in Hazardous Materials Mgt. She is a past president of the New England chapter of the American industrial Hygiene Assoc. (NEAIHA). Those people can probably help you.


Take a look at Keene State (NH) and University of New Haven (CT) which offer a major in Occupational Safety & Health Technology.

Going a little further afield there are:

  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Millersville University of Pennsylvania
  • Ohio University
  • Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
  • Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
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I have noticed a lot of MS focused programs on hazardous materials, environmental safety. Not much for undergrad though. That is a great school though!

I will check them out.

Thanks! I will give New Haven an email or call them. Can’t find it on their website.

Here is Keene State’s B.S. program. Just what I was looking for! (as I already have my associates)

UCONN (nice school) for example has occupational safety, but only a post grad certificate.

“The Department of Allied Health Sciences offers a post-baccalaureate online certificate program in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). The 15-credit certificate program may be completed entirely online. For students who wish and are able to experience one or more courses in a classroom environment, however, some courses also are offered in a classroom.”

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Thanks for letting me know about New Haven. The occupational safety major was listed in College Navigator (data collected by the feds), but when I just went to New Haven’s website, I didn’t see it either. There is a B.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering, but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re wanting.

Keene State honestly looks like a great option. “Bachelor’s Degree in Safety and Occupational Health Applied Science. Prepares you to protect the health and safety of workers in all kinds of situations.”

Here are the requirements.

Safety and Occupational Health Applied Sciences

With a ton of minors to choose from.

Environment, Health, and Safety minor

It’s broken up into four sections. Safety Awareness. Occupational Safety. Fire and HAZMAT Response, and Industrial Hygiene. From there you can become a certified industrial hygienists after maybe 5-10 years of experience. They offer an internship as well.

A CIH I just spoke with told me, Keene’s program is very well-known and he has seen a lot of good professionals come out of there. He recommended considering their program.

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