Colleges rescinding admission

So I really think I messed it up. I am a high school student in India even though I am a US citizen. I am in the Indian system where you don’t even have AP courses and stuff. So to prepare for the AP Calc AB exam only I decided to enrol in AP Calc course from UC Scout. However, now that I am not going to take them since they clash with the far more important National Standard exam without which I cannot complete secondary school, I decided not to take them. However, I did this dumb thing of mentioning this course in my application - I mentioned I took only one sem tho. Will colleges rescind me if I tell them I am not taking this course anymore.


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No you shouldn’t get recinded, but you do need to let them know if they think you are taking it.

I did mail them. Anyways if I convert my Indian gpa to american one it stands at 3.7 out of 4, which isn’t bad ig plus all the courses I took in India are directly related to my major, like Biology that covers all AP topics and more and Chemistry that covers AP chem and Organic Chemistry plus Computer Science with Data Analysis and Programming a mix of both math and cs.

Thanks, this helps my anxiety