Colleges See Percentile and Grade Test Taken?

<p>Do colleges see what percentile you were and which grade you took the test in, and do they take that into consideration as well?</p>

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<p>They see percentile but I don't think the grade you were in matters.</p>

<p>They will without a doubt see what percentile you scored.</p>

<p>Honestly don't know if they see (or care) in what grade you took an SAT Subject Test</p>

<p>^getting a good score as a freshman means more than getting a good score as a junior.</p>

<p>The percentiles are roughly consistent from test to test. However, getting in, say, the 94th percentile on a test won't necessarily be particularly impressive to top colleges because these places have an applicant pool from the very highest percentiles at everything.</p>

<p>really, that seems a little harsh, it seems like anythng above a 750 is fine for top college?
am i wrong about this?</p>

<p>@kbbm: They use SAT IIs to see your competence in a range of subject material and how you might fare at their school. SAT IIs in the high 700s are fine I'd say.</p>

<p>In case anyone wants to see last year's percentiles......</p>

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