Colleges send you emails based on your scores?

<p>I got a few college emails around these days, and they said they got my information from the college board. Does that mean, I can "predict" my SAT scores based on them? </p>

<p>Oh, please say no. That would be horrible. Those are the colleges that have score ranges between 1500 -1700. I don't know....</p>

<p>I HIGHLY doubt that colleges are exposed to your scores sooner than you are.</p>

<p>So no, I don't think it has any meaning. These colleges probably just found out through collegeboard that you are a junior in high school, that's it.</p>

<p>Yeah, I'd say that it's just in response your taking of the PSAT</p>

<p>it might be your PSAT scores?</p>

<p>I mean I took the SAT on January 28th, so I was thinking about it may be a "prediction". But anyways, thanks for answering guys.</p>