colleges sharing admit list

<p>i was at a yale admissions reception thing a couple of weeks ago and the lady said something about colleges "sharing" list of ED and EA admits. She also said that yale didnt participate in this. i told some friends and they said it was true. i though it was funny and made sense. just curious...what schools do "participate" in this hush hush scheme? is it just the "good" schools like the ivy's and stuff? oh...and im not applying to yale anyways.</p>

<p>What the admissions rep said for Yale is true, because they are an Early Action school and your admission is non binding. However for ED admissions the colleges do share admit lists for ED schools especially the Ivys. If you read the last page of the Yale application, you will find the Joint Statement on Common Ivy Group Admissions Procedures. Yale's states that :</p>

<p>An applicant receiving admission and an adequate financial award under the
Early Decision Plan will be required to accept that offer of admission and withdraw all applications to other colleges or universities. All the Ivy institutions will honor any required commitment to matriculate, which has been made to another college under this plan. </p>

<p>Because Yale is single choice EA, your applying ED to any other school would void your Yale application even if your were accepted EA because you would have to give it up for the ED (so it would be a moot point).</p>

<p>Columbia, states on their application that they share and will only let you out of the ED based on financial constraints and then only to go to your local public college/university.</p>

<p>You must remember that the world is a big place but it is also a small place where most of the admissions directors in the Ivy's and elite schools all know each other.</p>

<p>At D's Wake Forest interview, Adm Dir told of instance of someone accepting ED at both Wake and U Richmond last year...notes were compared and both schools dropped acceptance. I've heard this at other schools as well - perhaps just a cautionary tale, but I do think its a small world out there amongst admissions personnel!</p>

<p>Actually, i know a person who applied ED to both Lafayatte and Bucknell last year.Waitlisted at L, and accepted with great financial aid at Bucknell.
I don't really know...but i think it depends on the person's luck. And i think the ivys definitely share, but i'm not too sure bout the other schools. To be safe, don't do it!
Just out of curiousity though, if one applies to 2 ED schools and is caught,do you think the person's chances at the RD schools are affected as well?</p>

<p>once someone is found to be a cheater, their chances are slim everywhere.</p>

<p>They generally do not share; to do so could be a violation of privacy laws. In 2002, Princeton was discovered actually hacking into Yale's site to steal names of those admitted so it could compare them with its own list, causing something of an uproar and an apology from Princeton. The policing of persons who may violate EA or ED application rules is generally done through high school counselors who will verify for a college to which the student has applied that the student has not violated its EA or ED rule.</p>

<p>Actually, it shouldn't be possible to apply to more than one ED...your school guidance counselor signs off on it, and should only send that one transcript ED (does not appy to EA).
Parents and student also sign that they understand that only one ED app can be sent.</p>