Colleges Similar To Rhodes

Hey, everyone! I’m currently a junior in high school, and right now Rhodes College is my top school. Even though I love Rhodes, I want to know what colleges are similar to it in terms of academics/atmosphere (I especially love the fact that it’s in a big city). I’m also interested in ones that give out merit money; I would hope that I would get merit money from Rhodes considering I have a 35 ACT/1510 ACT/4.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale). Thank you all in advance!

Perhaps Trinity University? And about the merit money situation, I think you are on track to do very well in that regard. With your stats, I don’t think you’ll have any issue getting ~2/3 of tuition in merit money. On top of that, Rhodes often gives “Rhodes Grants” that are supposedly need-based. However, I am receiving enough in Rhodes Grants that my COA is 7k less than my EFC. If Rhodes wants you and you want to go there, I get the impression that they want to try to make it happen. Heading into your senior year, make sure you demonstrate interest in Rhodes. Tour, contact admissions, etc. That is something they value. I know a couple people with fantastic stats who were deferred simply because they did not demonstrate interest.

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Maybe Swanee?

Centre College in Danville, KY

Typo- sewanee

Google Associated Colleges of the South and check out those 16 LACs (Rhodes is one):

BSC Millsaps Spelman
Centenary Morehouse Trinity
Centre U of Richmond Washington & Lee

Davidson Rollins
Furman Sewanee
Hendrix Southwesten

All of them have good academics, similar in size and most offer decent merit. Probably only Davidson is not a sure acceptance, only because it is so small and due to ranking has a low acceptance rate. Morehouse is a male only HBC and Spelman is women only. Several are in and adjacent to cities. Sewanee is fabulous but in the middle of nowhere.

Definitely check out Furman. Greenville is booming and a great small city.

Rhodes alum here. Rhodes is a fantastic liberal arts school, and Memphis is a great town. Rhodes is part of the Colleges that Change Lives group. You might be interested in other members of the group that are located in cities. Reps from the CTCL schools travel around the country and put on joint information sessions.

I second Trinity.

Other urban (or urbanish…) LACs:

U of Richmond
Holy Cross
Lawrence (small city)
Kalamazoo (small city)

Of those, it is probably the least like Reed in terms of culture. (though I’ll admit basing that on rep, not direct experience)

I agree, TrinityU. is worth checking out! Occidental, Macalester - but you can’t go wrong with Rhodes - really beautiful campus, Memphis is really fun and the faculty at Rhodes is A-1!

Trinity University in Texas, not Trinity College in Connecticut ?

Consider Davidson College, although not in a big city.

Emory University in Atlanta.