Colleges that allow Business Degree with Science Courses or Dual Degree (Pre Med)

I know Penn has the Life Sciences and Management Program and if you get accepted into Wharton you can take classes outside your major. I may want to go to medical school but also may want to go into business. My plan is to get a business degree while taking the pre med requirements. If I decide to not go into medicine, I will be able to do business with a science background that would distinguish me from others. This is my rationale. Are there any schools besides Penn that allow this?


Check Lehigh…

URichmond does (one of the top 16 undergraduate b-schools). In fact, if you’re in the b-school you’re required to take a certain amount of course hours outside the b-school. A lot of students end up double majoring because of it.

To be honest, I think this wouldn’t be a problem at most schools.

Almost all schools will allow you to take business and premed requirements. You may have some issues with scheduling between colleges (business vs. arts and sciences) but those are definitely workable.