colleges that give good financial aid

Here’s a list of colleges. Which colleges give good financial aid to out of state students?
U. Colorado Boulder
Ohio State University
U. of Illinois Urbana Champaign
U. Wisconsin at Madison
U. Michigan ann arbor
Penn State U.
U. Penn
UH at Manoa
U. Arizona
U. Georgia
U. Indiana at bloomington
U. Texas at Austin

I’m looking for colleges that provide good aid and have great programs for astronomy.
Also, if you can suggest any websites that tell you which colleges give how much aid typically, that would be very helpful.

The question is what schools will give YOU good FA. What is your home state? What are your stats? I can tell you that UMich is Great for in-state students, not for OOS. UIUC stinks at both.

The one private school on your list gives the best need-based aid, regardless of state of residence. But it also has very competitive admissions.

Do your own research by googling the name of the school followed by “Common Data Set.”

haha, which one’s the private university???

i looked up common data set, what specifically am I looking for? there’s a lot of data on financial aid

home state Washington
2170 SAT, superscore is 2210
SAT II scores : math II- 780 physics- 800
GPA 3.94

UW-Madison does not give good financial aid, to either in-state or out-of-state students.

Umm, the University of Pennsylvania? “U. Penn” on your list? You know, the Ivy League school in Philadelphia?

According to your post that started this thread, you’re looking for

UPenn is the only private school on your list and it’s an Ivy. Very hard to get into.

The rest of your list is AWFUL if you’re expecting aid as an OOS student. Umich is probably the only school that might give you need based aid.

Arizona might give you some merit. Indiana might give you some merit.

Why don’t you tell us your situation. Are you low income? If not, how much will your parents pay per year?

Publics don’t generally give ANY need-based financial aid to OOS students because OOS families don’t pay taxes there. They charge high OOS rates for THAT reason. Why would they charge high OOS rates and then give need-based aid to cover those high costs??? That wouldn’t make sense.

what!! UC eliminated financial aid for OOS?? why would any college do that? I think that is just plain wrong, what about the academically excelling but poor students, UC is just saying “nope we can’t profit from you guys, no thanks”


Why do you think that the Calif taxpayers should be paying for the college costs of OOS students? Do your parents want to pay MORE taxes so that your state’s schools can pay for OOS students to attend your state’s colleges?

You seem to misunderstand what private and public Us are. Maybe you should do some research on those areas so you can understand what schools might be your best options. You have good grades and scores so there are some good merit aid options out there.

You have wonderful stats…but the schools you have listed will not be ones that will get you a ton of merit aid…because you are not an instate student.

Do you have significant financial need? If so, and you get acceoted at University of Pennsylvania (the Ivy League school in Philadelphia), the school will meet your need as they calculate it to be.

How much aid do you need?

my family is not low income, but with an older brother in NYU (out of state) and my dad not telling me how much he can afford for a college cost (he says don’t worry about it, I press him for specific amounts he can at least cover but he won’t tell me).
Belknapoint, I searched for financial aid (Ctrl + F), and there are a lot of different stats like number of freshmen who applied for aid etc. Is the info I’m looking for specifically addressed in common data set by for example a heading of “average percentage of OOS receiving aid”? that’s what i’m asking.

the colleges on my list are there because they have great astronomy programs with access to equipment on campus.

“The rest of your list is AWFUL if you’re expecting aid as an OOS student. Umich is probably the only school that might give you need based aid.”

That does not sound very good… :-? i looked up costs, Ohio State is around 39K, UH Manoa around 30K those I can definitely afford. Schools like U.Indiana or Wisconsin (high 40k) I can probably afford, but I prefer to minimize costs (or maximize aid ) because as I said with my brother in NYU I don’t want to put financial burden on my father.

To minimize costs, go to U of Washington.

From your list, can we assume you want to go into engineering? There are private schools that give good money for engineering, like CMU and Case Western. The big publics are not so great with merit scholarship money.

Your brother’s cost of attendance at NYU is the same regardless of his state of residence. NYU is a private university. It was your family choice to allow him to attend a $70,000 a year college.

You have a 2170 SAT, and a 3.94 GPA. You should get a great scholarship guaranteed from Alabama!

@mom2collegekids am I right?

NYU is a private univ so it doesn’t charge OOS rates.

If your dad can afford to pay for NYU and pay $40k a year for you, then likely his income/assets are too high for you to qualify for need based aid anyway


Is the brother at NYU receiving aid? They are not known for being generous, so maybe your family really does have lots of money? Or are you worried your father is taking parent loans to pay for NYU?

If you are serious about keeping costs in check, out of state flagship universities are not the place to look.
Stay in state. UW Seattle has a strong astronomy department.
Try liberal arts colleges with good astronomy departments that also give merit aid, such as Whitman.
Try smaller publics that give aid to OOS. UH Hilo and Northern Arizona would give WUE discounts to astronomy majors from Washington. (Google “wiche wue” if you don’t know what WUE is yet.)

I’ll pile on and say… NYU, in state, out of state, it’s all the same. NYU is a private school. They do not differentiate in their cost to attend between New York residents and residents of other states. As was noted earlier in this thread, you need to understand the difference between public and private schools and how they bill for costs.

yeah, i do sound a bit contradictory don’t I. Let me clarify. I’m making assumptions based on the fact that since my dad is saying don’t worry about it, but won’t tell me, and I told him I was gonna apply mostly to UCs (not anymore, since they don’t give much aid to OOS) which costs 50K, I am assuming 50k schools is a lot for him, but he just doesn’t want to make me concerned about the financial aspect of things (he’s always been like that)

UW is around 30k and it’s in state so UH Manoa or Ohio State I’m assuming we can “definitely” afford

and as for wisconsin or U.Indiana high 40ks, I’m assuming we can “probably” afford in that he can pay most of it but I Might have to take a few loans.

My dad will be home in about a week or so (he lives abroad) and so I messaged him that I need to know how much he is willing to pay for college when he is here.

Take a look at schools in the Western Undergraduate Exchange, typically they offer OOS students reduced tuition at 1.5x in state rates. There are some limits WRT majors and applying early is best.

For example, UH-Manoa would cost $15K tuition annually as opposed to $30K

That said, UW is more highly ranked than most of the WUE options.

You should be able to get in-state tuition at University of Arizona with your stats and admission to Barrett Honors.

The Ohio State University also offers merit scholarships for OOS students and has a well-regarded honors program.

Michigan has some merit money for OOS students, but highly competitive.

With your stats, you could get full tuition merit scholarship and possibly a full ride at the University of New Mexico. Bonus: the VLA is nearby.

Do you have a chance of qualifying for National Merit? If so, more options will open up.