Colleges that give major merit to OOS students

What are some colleges (that are relatively prestigious) like U. Alabama and Temple University that offer large scholarships to attract OOS students? Does not have to be a guaranteed scholarship(s). U. Georgia? U. Florida?
I don’t know my SAT/ACT scores, but my sophomore PSAT was 206 and I will most likely be getting 1400+ on CR+M for SAT.

Ohio State, Miami (OH), and Pitt are pretty good with OOS merit for high stats. Florida and Georgia are not. Lots of private schools offer major merit, but their net costs are still pretty high.

Uof SC. High stats give OOS good chance of instate tuition rate. Prestigious honors college and IB programs

“Relative prestige” is a debatable term, but other public colleges I found with OOS merit for my D: University of New Mexico, Louisiana State University, Cleveland State University, University of South Florida, University of Utah, Montana State University, West Virgina University, University of Houston, University of Kentucky, University of Nebraska, Florida State University.

Thanks for the replies.

My parents aren’t paying for college, so I’m going to need some pretty major merit. And by “relatively prestigious” I mean colleges that people have heard of.

@SonOfAbraham are you estranged from your folks or is it their income?

@BatesParents2019 My parents will be making 90-100k a year by the time I start college, will only contribute towards the cost of books, and I will have one sibling who has graduated college by then and another who will graduate when I am halfway through. The only need-based schools that would give me enough aid are the really generous (and hard to get into!) ones.

Look here: