colleges that have good honors programs for top students

<p>What good colleges have good honos programs and give money (pay tuition etc) for students who have high GPA, Great SAT's & SAT II's and even good EC's?</p>

<p>University of Texas Plan II- very tough to be admitted.</p>

<p>U Michigan--phenomenal Honors; LSA offers the top 60 or so students a 15,000/yr scholarship.</p>

<p>UNC- Chapel Hill...Has very good merit money for students in Honors program offering from half to full tuition and is used to attract strong out of state students.</p>

<p>ASU-Barretts full tuition plus more</p>

<p>Michigan State University, ADS (Alumni Distinguished Scholarships)</p>

<p>Scott , look seriously at the University of Arkansas.They are waving big bucks around and have Walton money (read "other-wordly" gobs of money ) for outstanding study abroad programs and the like.The school in general is one of reasonable size and improving academics and the town is a very "lively" and ,to me, attractive place. The economy in Northwest Arkansas is booming and several national and international companies have large campuses in and around the Fayetteville area making the job market very attractive in a variety of fields. </p>

<p>Had I gone to school there I would have enjoyed it immensely but would have been home for good by Christmas, Spring Break at the latest. It would have all depended on whether I could make bail.</p>

<p>Georgia and Arizona State give out money...also Oklahoma...particularly Natl Merit finalists.</p>

<p>UGA: Check this out! <a href=""&gt;;/a> and <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>The University of Delaware has an honors program, and du Pont Scholarships give full tuition, room, board, and a stipend for books. There are only about a dozen of those per year. The honors program offers merit aid in varying amounts. There is need-based aid as well. There were 3251 applicants to the honors program for Fall 2004 and 448 were accepted.</p>

<p>Take a look at both Arizona State University (Barrett Honors College) and the honors college at University of Arizona. Both have generous financial packages for top scholars (both resident and non-resident).</p>

<p>Scott: could you tell us your stats? It kinda helps.</p>

<p>UArk, SC, UMBC, TCNJ, MUOhio, Pitt, Clemson, JMU,WLU</p>

<p>Sure Hoo_29...My stats are 3.98 GPA UW..tiny ranking (probally 1st or 2nd in calss) ...Most rigorous cirriculum (Almost all AP offered), SAT 1560, SAT II..800,790,760, EC's... Captain of a Varsity team, Captain Math team,Editor in Chief of school nespaper,student goverment, Mock Trial, SADD (On all clubs and newspaper all 4 years of HS),Saturday high school honors program at local IVY college, reporter for two local papers, some minor local writing awards, one national writing award and an article in a national magazine. I live in the Northeast and I am not a candidate for any FA. Like I said, I am hoping to get into a few of my top choices, otherwise I would go to a school that has a strong honors program and gives money/merit scholarships. I am most interested in being an Economics major. Looking towards law school or business school upon graduating College.
Thanks for everyone's responses, you have been really helpful...SCOTT</p>

<p>yeah UGA's is really good so I hear</p>

<p>Scott: your stats are better than miy son's and he was offered the 15,000/yr at Michigan--you certainly would be. It's a top twenty-five school, and the Honors Program is extremely rigorous and challenging (If my son hadn't gotten into his first choice, he would have been thrilled to go there.)</p>