Colleges that offer Science Writing as a major?

<p>Just started to read up on a career called "science writing". This sounds right up my ally. Does anyone know of any schools that offer this as a major? Help is very appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>That might be a hard major to find, since most writing instruction and writing intensive courses come from a humanities viewpoint where subjects like literature, history, art, etc. are the main subjects that one writes about. Scientists and engineers do write in school and in real life (e.g. project reports, proposals, etc.), but much of their school and real life writing is intended to be read by other scientists and engineers, rather than the general public.</p>

<p>A few ideas:</p>

<li><p>Consider majoring in your favorite science, but taking lots of writing intensive courses in various subjects.</p></li>
<li><p>Look for schools with coursework in subjects like "history of science and technology", "science, technology, and society", "ethics in science and engineering", "social implications of science and engineering", and the like.</p></li>

<p>Bachelor</a> of Science in Technical Writing-Department of English - Carnegie Mellon University</p>

The program is specifically designed to prepare students for successful careers involving scientific, technical, and computer-related communication.


<p>Fascinating major. The department at U of Wisconsin Madison offers an undergraduate major. Top notch program according to many.</p>

<p>LSC</a> Website| Undergraduate Studies</p>

<p>Undergraduate</a> Catalog, University of Wisconsin-Madison | College of Agricultural and Life Sciences</p>