Colleges that require 3 SAT Subject Tests?

<p>Looking online, I know most of the top-tier universities require 2 subject tests. However, I read that Georgetown requires 3. Do any others require 3? Thanks!</p>

<p>Princeton and the aforementioned Georgetown; Harvard waived one of the SAT IIs recently.</p>

<p>Northwestern wants 3 as well</p>

<p>wait </p>

<p>science math and history right?</p>

<p>do we need english subject test or no?</p>

<p>mariya- I believe Princeton only requires 2</p>

<p>Princeton</a> University | Standardized Testing</p>

<p>Thanks smatth1633; I'd only heard about the Harvard change :)</p>

<p>I think that Georgetown is the only college that REQUIRES three, others may suggest or "highly recommend" three. Some colleges require a math test to be one of your subject tests though.</p>