Colleges that work well with learning disabilities

<p>Do any of you have stories, recommendations, words of encouragement about particular colleges that work well with/offer meaningful assistance for kids with learning disabilities - such as needing extended time for tests, difficulties with math or foreign langauge? Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.</p>

Have you tried the learning differences forum?
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I think it was just started in the Spring.</p>

<p>I've been told that Ohio Wesleyan has good support. One of my S's friends, who has a mild LD, has just started there.</p>

<p>I was not aware of the learning differences forum or I would have posted there. Thanks much for alerting me to it.</p>

<p>Depending on the level of the student, Curry College in MA has a superb LD dept. Incredibly supportive of kids who really would not be able to survive college without this support. And these kids not only survive, but thrive.</p>

<p>A friend who's kid goes to Roger Williams in Rhode Island mentioned this is one of their strengths.</p>

<p>My son's hs counselor (also the district gifted teacher) steers ld kids to a small LAC in Minnesota - Augsburg College, which is known for its LD services; they even offer a dorm for LD kids which includes a computer lab right in the dorm. This is a very small LAC in Minneapolis, right next to the Univ of Minn, approx 1800 undergrad, predominantly from Minn, predominantly white but the school is striving for diversity. They also have a special program for chemical dependency, and offer some great experiential learning/study abroad opportunities. Augsburg is also listed in US News Honor Rolls, under Academic Programs to Look For for its first year experience program. As a parent of a student with Aspergers this was one factor I looked at since the first year transition was a big concern for me. I believe they even boast a Nobel prize winner...</p>

<p>ALL Music, I'll second your praise for Curry College - just outside of Boston. The LD program is called "PAL - Program for Advancement of Learning". Country's first LD program at the college level -- started in 1970. College overall has solid programs in Nursing, Management, Communications, Education and Criminal Justice. </p>

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<p>Link to info on the LD program is in the "Academics" section. </p>

<p>Recommend them highly.</p>