Colleges/Universities that prefer 1st year transfers as opposed to 2nd year transfers?

Considering that most transferring happens after sophomore year, I was curious as to if there were any T30 schools where a 1st year transfer is a viable (or even the preferred route).

In contrast, I am also wondering if there were any universities that do not want 1st year students - I’ve heard in particular that UMich is not a fan of 1st years trying to transfer.

University of Southern California (private) admits both sophomore and junior transfers: Transfer Students | USC Undergraduate Admission

UCs and CSUs (California public universities) admit only or strongly prefer junior transfers.

Sophomore transfers (applying during frosh year of college) will find that their high school record is more important than junior transfers (applying during sophomore year of college), since the latter have more of a college record to show.

Hi! So i’m a first year thats trasnferring for the fall of 22 and was admitted to Umich! I dont think they have anything against first years applying to transfer there as sophomores.