Colleges where you can major in music performance

<p>in popular music. I am talking about rock or big band type music, not modern jazz. Schools that also have strong academics. I am looking for good schools for percussionists or drummers.</p>

<p>Dstark, I can't speak to the strength of their academics, but Shenandoah's conservatory offers a degree in commercial music. You might also do a search for Angstridden...her daughter is also looking to do commercial music, so she's asked for suggestions in the past.</p>

<p>Take a look at Belmont University in Nashville - I have a friend whose will be graduating from Belmont this spring, ir has a number of options for kids interested in the commercial music industry, both on and backstage.</p>

<p>U of Miami !!!
You have to be careful, theres not many that will offer an actual major in commercial music. But delve into their curriculum,see what their ensembles,performance opportunities are like.See who teaches there in the percussion studios.Call and ask questions.</p>

<p>Take a look at Berklee College of Music in MA. I'm not sure if it has particularly strong academics, but it is a music school that focuses more on rock and popular music. I also don't think it is too hard to get into.</p>

<p>I do like Berklee's video.</p>

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<p>Berklee is a fabulous place, but the general academics (if this is important) leave alot to be desired.
But a kid who wants commercial,popular music will think they died and went to heaven here.</p>

<p>DS, you may risk a trip into the darker side ... and post the same question in the Musical Forum </p>

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<p>Looks for CollegeMom's swinging baseball bat :)</p>

<p>Rochester's Eastman School of Music? They have great academics also. Maybe try UCLA?</p>

<p>Eastman is great if you are interested in jazz, but they don't have a popular music program. None of the major conservatories do. You don't really need a degree in music to be successful in popular music. You don't need to know theory or music history or orchestra or opera repertoire and these are all things that are taught in music performance programs. Berklee is probably the best place to learn the things you need to know to be successful in pop music industry. Hoewever, as stated above, it doesn't have an academic focus at all.</p>