Colleges which value writing, and require multiple essays, or writing samples

<p>I'm considering applying to fewer colleges than I had initially planned, and as such, I will have more time to focus on essays, and writing samples. My grades aren't all that, so I'm hoping the more subjective parts of the application can help my case. (not keeping my hopes up, but I'm still gonna try anyway)</p>

<p>Another requirement is that the school should have financial aid available for international students.</p>

<p>So far, I know of Kenyon, UChicago (but I'm not applying there), and Sarah Lawrence College.</p>

<p>Can I add Oberlin and Wesleyan to that list as well?</p>


<p>Wesleyan did not have any extra essays or writing required on its application. Oberlin only had a short (300 words) ‘how will Oberlin help you grow’ essay.</p>

<p>Pomona, Haverford, and Bowdoin have longer essays on their supplements. I have no idea about aid for international students, although Pomona is trying to increase diversity, according to threads here on CC.</p>

<p>St. John’s College. But I have no idea what their FA policy is.</p>

<p>Oops, I was wrong about Bowdoin. Its supplemental essay is only 250 words.</p>

<p>Bard and Reed both have a graded essay requirement.</p>