Colleges Which Will Take The Old SAT

<p>I'm a junior right now, and I'll be in the high school class of 2006, college class of 2010. Can we start a list of colleges that will accept the old sat (and I assume SAT II writing) and ones that won't for next year?</p>

<p>And for me in particular, can someone tell me the new/old sat requirements of the following schools?</p>

U of Chicago


<p>Dude... those are my exact list of colleges.. same year..</p>

<p>I am looking at UVa... I have swapped E-Mails with the admissions department a few times... They recommend if we take the old SAT, we should take the SAT II Writing. If we don't, we only have to take 2 SAT IIs of our choice. I plan to take 3 or 4, rather than the bare minimum.</p>

<p>Dartmouth is the only Ivy that takes the new one for our grade.</p>


<p>I know those take the old SAT, plus SAT IIs.</p>

<p>The college Website says everything.</p>

<p>Try these links:</p>

<p>(For SAT) <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>(For ACT) <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Those links only list colleges that require a writing test, not necessarily the new SAT.</p>

<p>I know the following schools will accept the old SAT for the class of 2006:

<p>and yeah, the college websites will usually have info on the required version of the SAT</p>

<p>does stanford req SATII writing w/ the old SATI?</p>

<p>I'm not sure, but I'm taking it just in case (and sending it with my old SAT score). Check their site.</p>

<p>For 2006:</p>

<p>Earlham and Chicago will require either the new SAT or new ACT (and writing section required for it)</p>

<p>Cornell and UVa will take old or new SAT or ACT and both want a writing test (old SAT II writing meets it if you submit old SAT or ACT) </p>

<p>Georgetown will take the new or old SAT or ACT. It will require 3 SAT II's and writing need not be one of them even if old SAT relied on. For 2006, it is not going to rely on the writing section of the new SAT or the optional such section of the new ACT. In other words, for that year, and possibly that year alone, it is not going to require any writing test although you can submit the old SAT II writing as one of your 3 SAT II's in which case it will be relied on to meet the SAT II requirement.</p>

<p>Middlebury does not require the SAT even today and will continue not to require it. What is currently required is either the ACT or, in lieu thereof, three advanced tests one of which must be writing and one quantitative reasoning (math) and one of your choice. The tests can be SAT II's, AP's, IB's, or any combination of those. For 2006, you can submit the old or new ACT with or without the optional writing section. In lieu thereof, you can submit that combination of 3 tests as before and the writing can be satisfied by the optional writing section of the ACT, the writing section of the new SAT, or the old SAT II writing.</p>

<p>Stanford will take either the old or new SAT or ACT. Stanford does not now and will continue to not "require" SAT II's, writng or otherwise, although it highly recommends them (most take that as a requirement but there are poeple who actually get into Stanford without II's).</p>

<p>Thanks so much drusba and splashmom.</p>