Colleges with 30%-40% acceptance

<p>Hi I'm trying to formulate a list of colleges in this 30%-40% acceptance rate range as I feel they can be great "safety" schools for many high school students including myself. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>You do realize there's more to a safety school than the acceptance rate, right? You also shouldn't pick your safety solely on its acceptance rate; you need to make sure you can realistically be accepted there AND you can afford it AND, here's the kicker, you'll be happy because guess what? Some kids don't get accepted into or can't afford their reaches or so-called matches. And when is 30% an automatic safety? That's CC for you.</p>

<p>wow someone is bitter. i was trying to not be self-centered but if you want it: yeah i have some pretty damn good stats and my parents can afford any school i want to go to so I am looking for school with a 30%-40% acceptance rate range to broaden my college list. and now that i have said it is all for me no one else is allowed to use any of this info. and of course i understand acceptance isnt everything but its a pretty easy way to organize schools.
see my point for this post is that i'm not the only one looking for a list of schools in between my in-state public school and stanford/harvard. many people could benefit from a list of schools like this. there are posts on this website on which to argue but this isnt one of them.</p>

<p>Holy Cross</p>

<p>I used Lafayette and Richmond as safeties, which I think are in the range you want. It's really hard to suggest safety schools without any criteria though.</p>

<p>Since cost is not an issue, are you looking for East Coast schools or West Coast schools? Does location or size of the campus matter? Public or private?</p>


<p>Here's one in California that I know that is around the 40 percent range this year.
According to the President's State of the University address earlier this year, Chapman’s acceptance rate for this fall is at about 44 percent. Previous year was around 49 percent. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>The acceptance rates you're looking at are too low to make these schools safeties for anyone.</p>

<p>The most competitive candidates--those whose profiles are within range for the most selective schools--look to schools with 30-35% acceptance rates for matches.</p>

<p>For example, Carnegie Mellon, Olin and Harvey Mudd would fall into the category in question. These are schools with middle 50% SAT ranges of 1300-1500, 1380-1530 and 1410-1550, respectively. With safeties like this (or like Carleton, BC and Grinnell--three other colleges with acceptance rates above 30%), all I can say to you is good luck getting into college at all.</p>

<p>:D my goodness, look at the mouth on this poster. Come back after these "safeties" have wait listed you -- we'll see if you're still talking a big game.</p>

<p>Carleton's acceptance rate has been well below 30% for a couple of years, I believe.</p>

<p>University of Miami :)</p>

Holy Cross


<p>I was thinking Holy something-else.</p>

<p>30% - 40% is not "Safety" range. Some wouldn't even consider this "Match" range.</p>

<p>For an Academic Safety, you need institutions where you are guaranteed admissions based on your profile. This means that the institution posts right on its websites the GPA and test scores that will guarantee admissions (many public institutions do), OR that your high school has years of data that clearly indicates that no student like you has ever been denied admissions.</p>

<p>Both UNC Chapel Hill and UVA fall on the low end of this range. Doubt you should consider either of these safety schools though.</p>

<p>I apologize for the attitude in my last post. I was just astounded by the definition of the safety school and the approach you were taking to find it. I will restate my point so that future students who read this will not be turned off by my attitude and will understand my message.</p>

<li><p>The acceptance rate alone cannot determine whether a school is a safety. It depends on your profile. One school with a 60% acceptance rate could be harder to get into than a school with a 30% acceptance rate because of the caliber of its applicants.</p></li>
<li><p>A safety should be a school you would be happy to attend. You should use the same criteria you used to select your other schools, except maybe your safety isn't as perfect as your dream school.</p></li>
<li><p>I understand your parents can afford anything, but most students and their parents can't. A safety should be a financial and academic safety. This can be determined by potential merit aid or need-based aid through an online calculator (if available).</p></li>
<li><p>A 30% acceptance rate isn't really a safety, and you really can't be so sure if the schools use a holistic approach. Even if you have a 4.0 UW GPA and a 2400 SAT and 800 SAT Subject tests, you can be rejected. I would go with schools with acceptance rates a little higher, if that's your main criteria.</p></li>

<p>30% to 40% acceptance means 60% to 70% rejection. That doesn't sound very safe to me. But, I'll bite. Here are a few suggestions:</p>

<p>Wake Forest
William & Mary

<p>Good luck. Let us know how you do.</p>

<p>Rutgers? Ithaca College?</p>

<p>Bucknell, Holy Cross, Colgate, Boston College.</p>

<p>Garweed, it's difficult to suggest any schools without knowing what you are interested in studying...</p>

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<p>Here are all your safeties ... some are safer than others:</p>

<p>31 Boston College 30%
25 University of Virginia 32%
30 U. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 32%
37 Lehigh University 33%
86 Binghamton University-SUNY 33%
31 College of William and Mary 34%
23 Carnegie Mellon University 36%
183 San Diego State University 36%
51 George Washington University 37%
25 Wake Forest University 38%
33 New York University 38%
35 Univ. of California-San Diego 38%
37 University of Rochester 39%
34 Brandeis University 40%
99 SUNY-Stony Brook 40%</p>

<p>18 Hamilton College 30%
30 Bucknell University 30%
08 Carleton College 31%
26 Barnard College 31%
21 Colgate University 32%
26 Colorado College 32%
23 Scripps College 33%
38 Bard College 33%
18 Grinnell College 34%
18 Harvey Mudd College 34%
23 Colby College 34%
23 Oberlin College 34%
04 Wellesley College 35%
32 College of the Holy Cross 36%
41 Connecticut College 37%
32 Kenyon College 39%
32 University of Richmond 39%
55 St. Lawrence University 39%
47 Gettysburg College 40%
59 Spelman College 40%</p>

<p>Its sad that some of you are suggesting Boston College and NYU as safeties. No one should ever list both school as a safety because quite frankly, there are many people with stellar stats who were denied at both. After a certain point in reviewing applications, despite numbers, admissions or rejctions become really really random and subjective. This is pretty much why I dont believe in safeties. You just have to cross your fingers you get into college during the process. </p>

<p>And for goodness sake, a 30% - 40% acceptance rate doesn't mean a 60% - 70% rejection. Depending on stats, different applicants either move up or down in terms of their chances of acceptances. Its not as simple as a 100% - 30% acceptance = 70% rejection.</p>