Colleges with a Business minor?

<p>Hey guys, </p>

<p>I've been trying to narrow down my academic and career goals in preparation for applying to college in about a year. I know that I would prefer to study something in the liberal arts-most likely English-because of the broad and non-specific education I would receive. Unfortunately, a job after graduation is anything but guaranteed in this economy and I know that practical knowledge is always sought after in the work force. That said, I've been considering a minor in Business to help increase my marketability while still obtaining a well-rounded education that will serve me well no matter what I decide to do with my life. That way I can study what I love, be competitive on the job market, and not be pigeonholed into only one career path. Anyway, I was hoping to get your opinion on some good universities (the bigger the better) that provide a solid English major as well as a Business minor. So far I have found that both Virginia Tech (in-state for me) and the University of Florida meet this criteria. Any other suggestions? Thanks.</p>

<p>Where do you live and how are your stats?</p>

<p>Location: Northern Virginia, Public High School
Grade: Rising Junior
GPA: 4.13 weighted, around 3.8 unweighted
Rank: around top 10%
Junior Year Course Load: Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, Honors English, AP Lang & Comp, AP US History, AP Latin, Creative Writing/Philosophy
SAT Scores: 1950 (580M, 630CR, 740W) taken once, will take again
Subject Test: 670 on World History (will take more tests in different subjects this year)
AP Score: 3 on World History</p>

<p>Wisconsin has a certificate in business open to liberal arts students--and a very good English Dept.</p>

<p>Certificate</a> in Business - UW-Madison School of Business</p>

<p>Iowa, NYU (Business Studies Minor), Syracuse, Mississippi and Minnesota.</p>

<p>Rhodes or any other liberal arts college with a business major.</p>