Colleges with a MIS (Management Information Systems) undergraduate degree

I’m looking for a college where I can get an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems. However, I can barely find any colleges with it; while almost all seem to have a masters degree in it, I rarely see one with an undergraduate degree. However, I’m finding a lot of computer information systems (CIS) degrees, but not a lot for MIS.

Am I searching for this in the wrong way (should I just be using “Information Systems” in my search terms in google rather than including “management”?). Does just an “Information Systems” degree mean that it includes MIS as well?

Also, does anyone have any general suggestions or a list of colleges that have this degree? From what I’ve found, UC’s don’t have this degree (is this correct?). So far some of the colleges I’ve found are CMU, MIT, CSU and UT Austin.

Have you looked at Purdue? Purdue University has a management information systems concentration in the Krannert school of Management.

From my understanding, _IS degrees are the same degrees usually with different names. Compare some IS major requirements with MIS to be sure, but I would also guess that even with a degree difference you will land similar careers with either degree.