Colleges with Good Program

I’m continuing to do a preliminary search into college. This could be subject to change, but at this time, I am interested in majoring in psychology with either a double major or a minor in criminology. If anyone could point out some good programs (no Ivy Leagues please) I would appreciate it.
GPA: 3.8
In State: California
Haven’t taken SAT/ACT yet
Open to out of state colleges
Low tuition would be best ($5-12,000)
If not low tuition, at least has good merit aid

What is your EFC? That will determine how much need-based aid you will get.

It will be difficult to tell you which colleges will give you merit-based aid until you have an SAT or ACT score.

The best psych programs for you with low tuition would obviously be UCLA and UC Berkeley, but those may be reaches…

Some good matches might be:
UC San Diego
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC Santa Barbara
San Diego State University
University of Missouri
UC Riverside

Michigan has been getting better with meeting need for people with lower SES from OOS from what I have seen and heard. They might be worth looking into.