Colleges with good teaching programs

<p>I'm looking to go into education, but am having trouble finding some good programs for teaching. Any information will be very helpful. Thanks!</p>

<p>I heard the College of New Jersey's teaching program (School of Education) is pretty good. The school is located in Ewing, NJ. Nice campus and not very large or intimidating. Check it out.</p>

<p>I consider education to be a professional degree like engineering, business, law or medicine. I think you will be a better teacher if you have an undergraduate degree first particularly if you will be teaching anything higher than elementary.</p>

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<p>Tufts has a good school of education as does Bank Street in NYC.</p>

<p>What level of education do you what to teach in? In most states, high school teachers need to get an undergraduate degree in the subject they want to teach in (i.e. a math teacher needs a math degree, an English teacher an English degree) and then do extra coursework specifically in education in order to get their credential. While it is possible to do this on the undergraduate level, it is not necessary - many high school teachers complete their credential coursework after they receive their bachelor's - it takes about a year in most states.</p>

<p>If you want to become an elementary school teacher, however, many colleges do offer undergraduate elementary teacher education programs. If you have a specific state in mind that you would like to teach at, start with the public university system of that state if you want to teach and then investigate private schools with education programs in that state. This way you will do your teacher training in the state you want to work in and have a better chance of getting a job after graduation. </p>

<p>If you want to teach at the high school level, you can pretty much go to any school that is strong in the subject you think you want to teach and then do your credential coursework after graduation in a post-grad program. In fact, many would argue that it is best to concentrate on finding a strong subject school first and worry about getting your credential later if you are interested in teaching high school.</p>

<p>I've heard that Vanderbilt University has a very good education program...I think it has a separate school of education, and it's apparently rated pretty highly. That might be worth checking out.</p>