Colleges with integrated academic support

I am looking for suggestions for colleges in the northeast with integrated support. Have looked at Marist and Muhlenberg, and wondering what else is out there. Preferably a school with a strong scicence program.

Could you please explain what you mean by “integrated academic support”?

meeting with an academic counselor on a regular basis that is part of the university, siilar to a scheduled class. Marist has a program with a supplemental charge. I am wondering who else has similar

Thank you. Is this in any relation to learning disabilities? Or just generalized support?

I’m interested in this topic and I think I know of some schools that may offer support but I’m not sure if it’s the sort that you’re looking for. Could you please post a link to the pages that describe this at Marist and Muhlenberg?

Thank you

Thanks – I don’t have time to comment on this yet but will as soon as I have time.


I found this listing of 20 colleges. This may be a good start. I will keep looking –

I remembered that Adelphi has a special program and I don’t think that it’s on that other list–

This list also looks good. I read through them and they seem to tell you which schools offer what services.

This book may be useful:

Some colleges with programs that I can think of offhand are Marist, Hofstra, Adelphi, UArizona, Curry College.

I was impressed with the level of support offered at Haverford College. If you check out their website, you’ll see several workshops, downloads, and tutoring help available. For a high-performing student with an LD, I think Haverford could be a great option. Best of luck!

Thanks so much for all of this, I just logged back on and will start checking in to them.

Mercyhurst and Allegheny both have good support but I think both require “signing on”. There are lots of schools that have very intentional, excellent advising for students who want it but that is a very different thing than learning support.