colleges with merit scholarships?

<p>My friend is looking for good schools with merit scholarships. She's 2/333 and has a 1430. She basically needs to be paying less than 14k before her dad to let her go to a private school.</p>

<p>As for me, does anyone know how closely the EFC was to their financial aid packages? The EFC puts me at 21-22k while the Princeton site puts me at about 14k. Big difference. If I magically got into Stanford, what could I expect?</p>


<p>Hey, I just wanted to boost this up. Can anyone help me?</p>

<p>a good way to search for merit scholarships with a 1400 sat is do a google search on "SAT combined 1300 scholarship" 1300 seems to be a treshold and returns more than using 1400</p>

<p>or try "Top 5% class rank scholarship" and see what shakes out</p>

<p>Try 1300+SAT+salutatorian+scholarships. Where does she want to go geographically,and what size school? D's stats are very similar.</p>

<p>Depending on her state, she may have good public institutions that would give her excellent scholarships that would make her family contribution less than $14 k a year. If she's serious about her future, she needs to start checking out various in-state options and also using Google as others suggested. Local private universities also may have excellent scholarships for strong local students.</p>

<p>I always wonder how serious people are about their college educations (or the college options they say they want) when their friends are the ones posting here looking for advice for them.</p>

<p>Problem is, we're from North Carolina. UNC isn't exactly giving out full-rides. Other public universities just aren't up to her academic level. </p>

<p>And ha ha, yes, I am looking for her. She didn't know about this site and I told her I'd post something.</p>

<p>If she's looking to attend a good LAC in the Midwest, then Denison and Depauw would be excellent choices. Both schools are ranked among the top 50 national LACs by USNWR, have large endowments and beautiful campuses, and are very generous with merit aid.</p>

<p>Try Grinnell, Trinity U in San Antonio Texas, College of Wooster, Dennison, etc</p>

If she's looking for major aid, she will probably have to go to a university where she is one of the top students. Thus, the schools that you and she think are "not up to her academic level" are the very ones that are likely to reward her handsomely for applying to them.</p>

<p>University of NC Asheville is similar to a LAC and has excellent merit aid for students like your friend.</p>

<p>Your friend also needs to talk to her parents about where they would be willing to send her to school. Many parents have geographic restrictions.</p>

<p>I also suggest that if your friend is truly interested in her future, she needs to take the time to post here.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. I'll tell her about the site.</p>