Colleges with Music Industry/ Production/ Business/ Technology majors with NO audition

I’ve played saxophone for 8 years, piano for 8 years, and guitar for 4 years. I am relatively good at them but don’t feel as though I’d be able to audition and pass at a college level. I got a 1330 on the new sat, have a 4.0 gpa, and have plenty of extracurricular activities.

I want to focus on the tech/production side of music rather than performance. I have a list of colleges so far that I’ve applied to: Drexel, New Haven, Belmont and York. I would love to go down south for school, prefer big cities, but would consider anything.

If anyone has any thoughts on these schools or more schools with these majors but no audition please share, my college search is getting stressful and deadlines are coming up.

Check out the music industry program at SUNY Oneonta. I don’t think it’s an audition program.

Georgia Tech -

Univ. of Miami -

Loyola New Orleans -

@techmom99 thank you! They don’t have an audition requirement and I’m going to look into applying there.

@TkBreezy -

Good luck with your application.