Colleges with Political Diversity?

I’m curious as to whether there is such a thing. I’ve been looking into colleges and found a lot of them are imposingly liberal. I’m not particularly devoted to any political ideology, but I wouldn’t like to go to a place that only tolerates one frame of thought. So, can anyone recommend a school that has representation for liberals/democrats, republicans/conservatives, and not firm one one end of political correctness?

Thank you so much!

The schools you think are so firmly liberal probably have plenty of diverse opinions and beliefs. Look for the various organizations on campus, the sorts of events and the speakers they bring in, etc.

A state flagship in a purple state?

But younger people tend to skew left, particularly on social issues.

There’s not a school in the country that’s 100% liberal or conservative.
All colleges have members of both political parties, although some more than others.

OP, are you looking at Liberal Arts colleges or universities, or both? That might help people come up with ideas for you.

I’ve seen this question asked before, and people usually suggest religious schools and schools with very athletic student bodies. I wouldn’t take that as a hard and fast rule, but it might be one way to find some potential schools.

@WalknOnEggShells I think that my ideal choice would be an University, though I’m not entirely adverce to liberal arts colleges. I don’t really feel comfortable in schools that are too small, which is why I look at research institutions.

I understand everyone’s reactions and didn’t mean to sound inflamitory. It wasn’t my intention to imply that there was anything wrong with being liberal or that liberals were inherently close minded. I’m aware that no school is entirely in one camp, but it’s undeniable that most schools have a clear preference to one ideology.

My main reason for asking this is that many schools keep appearing on the news specifically because the student body refuses to accept people of different opinions; students forcing administrators to resign, petitioning to stop guest speakers, and villifing those who don’t follow very specific ideals.

Liberal ideals are often the focus of this and it’s turned me off from schools like Berkeley for example. Maybe the best way to phrase it wasn’t political diversity, acceptance of different opinions maybe?

I don’t know much about the political leanings or open-mindedness of specific schools, but I would guess that Notre Dame would lean more right than many. I really don’t know that for sure, though. Others here might.

Maybe you should name some schools that you like and think you have a shot at, and people can tell you what they know about them.

Notre Dame is socially conservative when it comes to a few issues but economically liberal and progressive on human rights. Remember, Jesus was the original socialist.

The Catholic church as a whole is very liberal on most issues. The march on Selma for example was planned at a Catholic church.

Go to a Midwestern state school. They are are far enough from the coasts and diverse enough to not be overly liberal or conservative or religious. I am a pretty conservative student and I have found a real range of political opinions. Trump and Sanders supporters in the same group of friends, even. :open_mouth:

Well some colleges I’ve been interested before are Northwestern, Pepperdine, University of Washington, and Duke. I originally liked Brown, but was told it was heavily left.

You are going to find students with each extreme views everywhere. Their tolerance for yours varies entirely by the person.