Colleges with strong support prgm for LD/ADD students?

<p>My son has ADD and NVLD. He is at boarding school now but I fear university life would be a disaster without proper support for his disabilities, where can I find strong business school with support for Add/LD kids?</p>

<p>Landmark College. Tagline: "The college of choice for students with ADHD, ASD and/or other learning disabilities." I think it may be expensive, and I'm not sure it's a four-year institution, but I've heard good things about the strategies it gives people to cope with "regular" school. (The only person I know who spent any time there struggled through her first year at UT-Austin, transferred to Landmark for either a year or two, then transferred back and did much better. She was a couple years ahead of me in high school.) This list may also help. Colleges</a> With The BEST Learning Disability Programs (PHOTOS)</p>

<p>First, you need to determine the level of support you feel your son needs. Some colleges are specifically geared for kids with LD (ex. Landmark College or the Threshold program at Lesley College), others have special support programs within a mainstream college (ex. U of AZ and I think Marist College), and virtually every school has a LD Office where kids can take tests with extra time etc. If at all possible, I would visit schools with your son and talk to the people running the LD program before making a final choice. Not knowing GPA/test scores/location, it is hard to make specific college suggestions (but the list on the link above looks like a good start). Maybe also look at this or a similar book to read up on the options.<br>
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<p>I would also make appointments to talk to your son's teachers/guidance counselor/LD specialist at the boarding school and get their assessment of what would be the right type of college environment for your son and how much support they feel he will need going forward.</p>

<p>Can't say how strong the support is but the following schools have at least 10% of students registered with the disability office and 10% of their degrees in business. It could be a place to start looking.</p>

<p>Name % Students with Disabilities % Business- Management- Marketing- and related Support Services
Mitchell College 42 26.0
New England College 18 21.5
Gallaudet University 17 12.1
University of the Ozarks 16 43.1
SUNY College of Technology at Alfred 16 18.0
Guilford College 15 20.2
St Andrews Presbyterian College 15 13.9
Rollins College 15 10.3
High Point University 14 46.7
Green Mountain College 14 21.5
University of Northwestern Ohio 13 88.4
Calvin College 13 15.9
The University of Virginia's College at Wise 13 15.6
Lynchburg College 13 10.7
Babson College 12 100.0
Culinary Institute of America 12 100.0
Endicott College 12 30.8
SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill 12 20.5
Saint Thomas Aquinas College 12 17.8
Saint Marys College of California 11 31.5
Morehouse College 11 27.9
Greensboro College 11 24.9
Wentworth Institute of Technology 11 24.6
University of Massachusetts Amherst 11 18.4
Sweet Briar College 11 16.1
Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus 11 16.1
University of North Carolina at Pembroke 11 11.1
Rochester Institute of Technology 11 11.0
Centenary College 10 49.2
University of Hartford 10 28.3
The College of Saint Scholastica 10 28.1
Cazenovia College 10 27.7
Muhlenberg College 10 26.1
Loyola University New Orleans 10 21.8
Aquinas College 10 21.3
Muskingum University 10 19.7
Westfield State University 10 18.3
Hartwick College 10 15.9
University of Mary Washington 10 15.8
College of Our Lady of the Elms 10 13.3
Alfred University 10 11.5</p>