Colleges with the best alumni networks?

What would you say are the colleges with the strongest alumni networks? I know that Syracuse has a whole networking arm in New York City and that network has been really beneficial to job seekers in that area - so I guess I would include “farthest reaching” into the definition of strongest. I don’t necessarily mean the amount of clubs, but networks that provide real opportunities for job-seeking graduates.


Off the top of my head where I’ve read articles. Texas A&M, Stanford.

University of Michigan has one of the largest living alumni networks in the world.
And the Michigan Mafia is real…

Ivys, Notre Dame, Stanford, MIT

“Best” depends. A large alumni base also means a large number of people trying to tap into that network, too. Both of my kids have been using the networks from their small LACs effectively. One got her post-college job through an older student she knew whose firm was hiring. The younger got on an interview with Amazon for a summer internship this summer though an older graduate she knew who works there now. I think location matters a lot. If you want to work in the Northeast, you will find more alums from whatever school you go to if you attend college there, for example. I find the “Michigan Mafia” doesn’t do me much good, as I don’t live in Michigan, Ohio, Chicago, etc. (close to the school) any more.

@Intparent - Michigan has a gigantic alumni network in the Tri-state area.

@intparent that’s interesting considering that I know quite a few students in my cohort that got internships on the coasts through alumni connections.

I am not saying the network doesn’t exist…but I think TONS of Michigan alum don’t belong to the alumni association or sign up to be contacted or look for contacts through the college. It sounds like a huge network, but I don’t think anyone I know from my Michigan days (friends, my ex-H, me…) actually use the network at all…

Oh gotcha.
Trust me, far be it for me to tout Michigan’s glories. I think you’re aware of the love/hate relationship I have with this institution :stuck_out_tongue:

My impression based on personal experience is that although lacs have smaller networks they are stronger pound for pound.


SMU, Wellesley, Notre Dame.

Michigan…with over 500,000 living alumni and alumni branches globally…IMO probably the biggest and strongest anywhere. Penn State also has a huge alumni network. Most of the Big 10 schools have huge, active alumni associations.

University of Alabama Alumni Association’s NYC chapter as 6000 members.

Harvard; it’s global and huge, and alumni generally do pretty well.

I was pretty amazed at the way the Harvard alumni in Utah welcomed my daughter and the other new admittees last spring. There were several get-togethers between April 1 and move-in day, and they gave each kid a $500 technology grant. Kind of like the Borg, but friendly.

Penn State’s is said to be pretty huge.
One of us…one of us…

Go Blue. Both Harvard and Michigan have roughly 27,000 living alumni outside the US, but Michigan has almost double the alumni in the US :slight_smile:

My S has been successfully using his schools network of alums. He has a few interviews - one especially promising. He has even gotten help from parent of alum. Also, from what he has said, alums from other NESCAC schools help each others students out.

I’ve heard St. Lawrence has an excellent Alum network, too.

For southern CA you can’t beat the Trojan Family (USC) for alumni networking. I have a friend who attended Wharton undergrad/ Columbia MBA, is very successful and he has told me of numerous deals he has missed out on in Southern CA due to his lack of USC connections! USC and UCLA both take care of their own in the arts as well.