Colleges with the best greek scenes

<p>What colleges or universitys do you guys think have the best frat scenes.</p>

<p>most state schools with the exception of UMich, and a few others have WEAK wannabe greek life.</p>

<p>in order to be in this caterogy the school must have atleast 4 frats with houses or 4 sororities with houses.</p>

<p>Just having a frat scene doesnt count, it needs to be more than just the parties.</p>

<p>Reed, Swarthmore, Canisius, Bard, just to name a few of the top contenders.</p>

<p>Michigan has ALOT more then 4 frats houses and 4 sorority houses...Michigan has 27 frats and 18 sororities</p>

I know, read my post again, I said many state schools WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MICHIGAN, have very little "real" greek life.</p>

<p>I heard vanderbilt has a good greek scene.</p>

<p>Anyone know anything about Tulane?</p>

<p>I forgot Faber College, too.</p>


I suppose Jack is pulling your leg here. AFAIK Bard and Reed have no frats, Swarthmore is listed as 7% in frats, and Canisius 1%, just in case anyone took the reply seriously. </p>

<p>Princeton Review lists the top schools in the Major Frat and Sorority Scene category this way:</p>

<p>Parties Major Frat and Sorority Scene
How popular are fraternities/sororities?</p>

<p>1 DePauw University<br>
2 Washington and Lee University<br>
3 Birmingham-Southern College<br>
4 Wofford College<br>
5 Bucknell University<br>
6 Dartmouth College<br>
7 University of Tennessee--Knoxville<br>
8 Wabash College<br>
9 University of Mississippi<br>
10 Texas Christian University<br>
11 Transylvania University<br>
12 Randolph-Macon College<br>
13 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign<br>
14 Vanderbilt University<br>
15 University of Georgia<br>
16 Wake Forest University<br>
17 Penn State--University Park<br>
18 Gettysburg College<br>
19 Miami University<br>
20 Millsaps College</p>

<p>Don't ask me why UVA didn't make that list. Though a similar category in PR shows different results. Don't you love rankings? </p>

<p>School Type: Jock Schools
Based on a combination of survey questions concerning intercollegiate and intramural sports and the popularity of the Greek system</p>

<p>1 Clemson University<br>
2 Penn State--University Park<br>
3 University of Florida<br>
4 University of Notre Dame<br>
5 Wabash College<br>
6 University of Nebraska-Lincoln<br>
7 University of Tennessee--Knoxville<br>
8 Wake Forest University<br>
9 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor<br>
10 Florida State University<br>
11 United States Naval Academy<br>
12 Iowa State University<br>
13 University of Georgia<br>
14 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill<br>
15 University of Virginia<br>
16 University of Connecticut<br>
17 Villanova University<br>
18 Duke University<br>
19 University of Southern California<br>
20 Texas A&M University-College Station</p>

<p>Well you can't go by the Jock School rankings, because Notre Dame doesn't even have Greek.</p>

<p>CC has its own ranking (courtesy of College Proωler) for Greek life. </p>

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<p>"College *<strong><em>", an unimpeachable source! ;) *</em></strong>Apparently CC won't let me write "Prowl3r", even though they cite it as a source!*
At least it might be useful for selecting colleges where N/A is the score for Greek Life. Beyond that the snapshot quips are chosen for sensationalism and the rankings interpreted from only the few students who answer, making the rankings for schools where the kids could give a whit bout rankings all look like sour grapes. And the quotes and ranks seem never to change from year to year. This is from the perspective of my fairly intimate familiarity with at least four of the schools ranked within. I'd not hang my hat on College *******'s lists.</p>

<p>You have no idea what you're talking about. "Good" = 8 total chapters with houses???? ***!?!</p>

<p>Most state schools will fit that criteria. For the record Michigan's Greek System is large and old, but really not that good compared to many across the country. If you want places where Greeks really run things, your first looks need to be at schools like the following:</p>

<p>Any SEC school with the exception of Vanderbilt. Vandy's good, very frat, but it's different than the other SEC schools. Within the SEC - Ole Miss, Alabama, and Georgia stand out.</p>

<p>In the Big 12, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Mizzou, Okie State and Texas all have dominating Greek presences, especially the first three. Kansas is decent but Lawrence is way hippie. </p>

<p>The Pac-10 is kinda lame, but Oregon is decent, maybe Oregon State. But those aren't as good as any of the schools I listed so far.</p>

<p>In the ACC - Clemson all the way. Very fratty. Wake Forest isn't bad either. Also Virginia. Georgia Tech is too nerdy, but does a decent job.</p>

<p>In the Big 10, Illinois, Indiana, and Penn State leave Michigan in the dust as far as frattiness goes. So does Northwestern. Michigan is no more than a second tier, and that's from close friends who went to Ann Arbor.</p>

<p>The Big East is not a fratty conference. If forced to pick, the only school that deserves mention is probably UConn, but i'm not really sure about that. Maybe Syracuse. Generally the Northeast is unfriendly to Greeks.</p>

<p>In the Ivy League - Dartmouth. Hands down. Absolutely no question - far and away the best. </p>

<p>Other schools with notable Greek Scenes include:
Miami (OH) <--- you don't have 5 National fraternities be founded at your school, including three of the nation's largest and oldest in Beta, Sigma Chi and Phi Delt, and not be excellent.
Washington & Lee
Bucknell I've heard good things about
U of Ohio

<p>Cosign w/ bigredmed regarding the SEC schools having big frat scenes.</p>

<p>Much as it might surprise some people, Case Western fits that mold pretty well. There are 16 full fraternaties, and at this point, they all pretty much have housing, with quality and size varying widely. There are also two colonies, Lamda Chi Alpha, and Sigma Alpha Mu. The latter pretty much failed, because they didn't do a fall rush, and are competing with a better established frat (AEPi) for the same member base (Jews). So, excluding SAMMY's failed effort, there are 17 of them. There are six established sorrorities, and I believe there is one colony not recognized by Panhell yet. And there is talk of starting another one (AEPhi) for next year. Roughly 1/3 of the students here are Greek, which means that they play a heavy role on campus, and are a major source of on-campus parties. However, they are somewhat muted, as a handful of frats like DKE have mostly closed parties for risk management purposes. And, because 2/3 of the student body isn't Greek, it doesn't become the dominant force across all of campus life, as it would at a place like Washington and Lee.</p>

it needs to be more than just the parties.


<p>Well, that is something Case is good at too. Alot of the frats do quite a bit of philanthropy, some dry mixers, and other such activities outside of the expected parties, whose frequency again varies greatly by frat. Alot of people who join up here had never previously considered Greek life. Really, there is a fraternity for every type, ranging from nerds (Theta Chi) to wild animals (Zeta Beta Tau) to apathetic individuals (Delta Kappa Epsilon).</p>

<p>where the heck is auburn?</p>

<p>In Alabama.</p>

<p>My apologies, Proud Dad. CP must pale in comparison to the accuracy that is Princeton Review.</p>

<p>No college guide is accurate once you strip out simple statistics. At least Princeton review mixes "facts" and stats with student opinion. After doing this for six years with my own kids I think I'm a pretty good judge of which resources lean toward the sensational or have a philosophical ax to grind. I'd rather have facts and reasoned student opinion over incendiary sound bites when helping kids make important decisions. They're all just tools and none are a bible. Especially not College Proωler! IMNSHO, of course.</p>

I thought a party school as it is known would have some greeks...</p>

<p>Rice doesn't need has the College System, which in my opinion is better.</p>

<p>U of Illinois - Urbana Champaign has the largest greek community in the country, I'm pretty sure. Those schools that are ranked at the top are small schools where 85% of the campus is greek, not places like illinois with 30k+ undergrads with 25% in fraternities.</p>

<p>We have, I think, somewhere like 45 fraternities and 25 sororities (sororities have a lot more people in each).</p>

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