Colleges with the best vegetarian food

<p>Anyone know of a list like this? Anyone have any suggestions? Any college that doesn't have good vegetarian food is definitely getting crossed off my list.</p>

<p>good question! i dont eat meat either...but i best most colleges have places where you can get non-meat food-ie taco bell, pizza hut..</p>

<p>this is something that's crossed my mind too...but my 2 cents:</p>


<p>a) they have amazing food in general
b) they have great vegetarian options that are varied and actually taste good. </p>

<p>i don't know about any others...but that's the only one i can speak of from experience. </p>


<p>Is Cornell the school that grows its own vegetables? That would make for some good food, IMO.</p>

<p>yeah. they have the school of agriculture and life sciences so they have their own farm and stuff. all the milk they sell on campus is from campus cows, and they also have a place called the dairy bar which serves, you guessed it, cornell dairy goods as well as sandwhiches (namely homemade ice cream...yummm)</p>

<p>Here's a list of schools ranked from highest to lowest for daily availability of health food, including vegetarian offerings:</p>

<p>Duke, U Penn, Notre Dame, Columbia, Brown, STanford, U of Kentucky, Amherst, U of Minnesota, Smith, Howard, Arizona State, Cal Tech, Georgetown, Pomona, Wellesley, Harvard, Rice, Southern MEthodist U, Yale, Dartmouth, MIT, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Case Western Reserve, Bowdoin, UCLA, U of Houston, Univ. of Illinois-Chicago, Florida State, Emory, U of Miami, Johns Hopkins.</p>

<p>Source:Physicians Committee for Responsible MEdicine.</p>

<p>Earlham and Oberlin also have a pretty wide selection of vegetarian options.</p>

<p>I think any school now will offer a pretty good selection of veggie food. The only school anyone can truly speak for is the one they attend, so all I can say is that Williams has good veggie options.</p>

<p>-Dartmouth College (there is an organic farm that sells produce/puts things in the dining halls... also a smoothie bar and a cafe with make-your-own stirfry and omlettes. I'm vegetarian and I like the food)</p>

<p>-Wellesley College (if you are female, that is... they had a vegan dining hall; I had awesome scrambled tofu there, LOL)</p>

<p>That is a good question..since I'm a vegan, and want to know,too...</p>

<p>I've heard drownindreams and her poss</p>

<p>Tufts is quite good for vegetarian. I went there and was quite satisfied with all of the veggie options. </p>

<p>Brandeis, in my guess, would be good - Sherman dining hall has a separate meat side and dairy side. I ate there five years ago, and remembered finding a lot of vegetarian food on the dairy side.</p>

<p>I'm surprised to see MIT on Carolyn's list (ah, Carolyn, listing again!), because it doesn't have a dining hall, really. They do have a food court in the student center. I've eaten there several times and been quite dissatisfied with vegetarian choices: pizza, salad, and maybe a sandwich.</p>

<p>Smith has a vegan/vegetarian dining hall.</p>

<p>I ate at Williams six years ago and liked the vegetarian possibilities.</p>

<p>Evergreen has an organic garden and a student run restaurant .
Reed has great vegan options as well as vegetarian, and is very open to student suggestions. Plus it is in Portland which is a great restaurant town</p>

<p>At Smith, all dining halls have vegan/vegetarian options. But they've taken Julia Childs' old house (!) and turned it wholly vegan/vegetarian (and the food is fine.) (Smith also has a dining hall that serves only Asian food, and one that serves Mediterranean cuisine, which is where my d. usually decides to eat.)</p>

<p>I don't think Evergreen has a student run restaurant anymore. The college changed its food service provider this year from Bon Appetit to another company. This year the school is offering a block meal plan as well as a declining cash plan.</p>

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<p>many schools seem to have farms. too cool!</p>

<p>I cant really tell from website if Evergreen has their farm anymore ;-(
(edit) oh they do!
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I wonder what problems evergreen was having with Bon Appetit.
Reed still uses them
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<p>not as good rest of the year as when it is parent's weekend or prospie week, but still the best dal I have ever had</p>

<p>what! you are going to cross out good colleges for vegetarian food? dang my mother is the same way.</p>

<p>Evergreen switched to Aramark. There was a lot of dissatisfaction with Bon Appetit. This was the first year a block meal plan was offered. I had the one price all you can eat lunch when I moved in D last month. Gorgeous salad bar, of course, dal/veggie hot food entrees, and a veg burger-- but I was surprised there was no fresh fruit available. D no longer has to purchase a food plan as her housing option has a full kitchen.</p>

<p>Son is at Univ of Redlands. They also use Bon Appetit. The cafeteria has a vegetarian selection section, they also have a local "from the farm" organic section, my son likes the "new" selections-chief specials-last week he had salmon sushi. I thought he hated seafood. Bon Apetit seems receptive to students, they have a board where students post wants-Bon Apetit then posts requests granted. They also worked with son to get late dinners on nights when he has no break from 4-8pm. Dinner is from 4-7 pm. Sun-Thurs dinners are prepaid and it's a use or lose type thing. They gave him a voucher for the late night cafe.</p>

<p>bon appetit is real receptive to feed back but apparently they weren't cost effective enough for Evergreen. As a public school they probably have more pressure to keep costs down.</p>

<p>I went to an info session at my school for Oberlin, and the adcom talked for a half hour about the special vegetarian/vegan houses and dining halls that the school had. Needless to say, for a carnivore like me, I quickly took that school off my list. :)</p>