colleges with the hottest guys!

<p>okay i saw the guys had a thread about which colleges had the hottest i think the girls need a thread with what colleges have the hottest guys!</p>

<p>the University of Cookie Monster!!</p>

<p>university of florida!</p>

<p>The one I end up going to... :D</p>

<p>It's ridiculous to go to a U based on how many attractive people attend...unless you're looking for you MRS degree. ;)</p>

<p>im the university muhahaha</p>

<p>uc santa barbra & cal poly slo......anyone know if the university of washington has any?</p>

<p>Wellesley College</p>

<p>USC all the way. I think USC has some of the hottest guys from all the colleges I've visited, I kept getting depress because I couldn't have any of them-I'm gay. Lol. But USC definetly has the hottest guys.</p>

<p>Obviously Smith, Amused.</p>