Colleges With the Least Amount of School Spirit

<p>Just curious what you guys think. Also I would like to see if my potential school (Emory) is on there because I have heard some stuff about its students having little to no school spirit. And don't get my wrong, I am not a preppy/"go team" person, it just would be unfortunate if EVERYBODY is like me.</p>

<p>My friend at Emory said it had very little school spirit. Here at Vanderbilt, we do have some school spirit, just not when it comes to sports...mainly because our sports suck.</p>

<p>A "go team" school does not have to be preppy, Tenacious. Here at USC you can find every type of person imaginable at our football games. You should try school spirit out some time. Unless you go to Emory, of course, where it sounds like you won't get a chance. :)</p>

<p>Emory students generally are very happy to be at Emory. A lot of students choose Emory specifically because it is not focused on sports teams, especially football (although their teams, in Division III, are always among the top in most sports). The advantage to being on a campus where the focus is not on the football team is that the $$ and attention are on the student body as a whole. Campus events--like Dooley's Ball- are well attended and popular. A recent charity walk for AIDS in Atlanta had a huge turnout from Emory, in which students from a large number of campus organizations proudly walked behind Emory banners. Emory spirit is there, you just won't find it on a Saturday afternoon in a football stadium.</p>

<p>The funny thing is that I really am obsessed with sports but I guess you could say that I was willing to make the sacrifice for the greater good....of myself.</p>

You don't need to give up sports--there are teams to cheer for on campus, just not a football team. Also, a lot of the students go to the professional sports games in Atlanta, and there are often special prices on tickets for students. My son has gone to all kinds of games--especially hockey and baseball. Also as a sports nut, you'll get a chance to play all kinds of sports in top notch facilities in the intramural program (a huge number of students participate on serious to not-so-serious teams) and also you'll do sports of some sort in meeting your p.e. requirement.</p>