Collins dorm question

<p>Does anyone know if there is any decent way to arrange the beds in Collins or do you have to keep them bunked to have any floor space? By looking at the diagram and the You Tube video, it's gonna be a tight squeeze! It would be nice for both girls to be able to use the under bed area for storage. Don't have a clue how all of this stuff is gonna fit!!</p>

<p>I've seen people unbunk their beds in Collins, but they had virtually no floor space. I'd recommend keeping the beds bunked, raising the bottom bed as much as you can with an Allen wrench, and then putting risers under the bed, if the ceiling is high enough, which it should be. The risers should be able to handle the weight - when I lived in Bostwick, we had risers under our bunked beds and it held us all year.</p>

<p>Also, keep in mind that the closets are a decent size (at least I thought they were pretty big).</p>

<p>My daughter and her roommate were easily able to unbunk their beds in Collins and have enough room. They both put their dressers in their closets, and the beds along the side walls, sink at the head of one, and fridge at the foot of the other. The bunk beds come apart without tools; there is a "pin" (metal rod) in each bedpost that holds the bunks together that can be removed. They each used the cone risers for extra room. Some of the Collins rooms configurations are better for unbunking than others. Over her years at WF she also learned to flip the unbunked bed and take-off, flip, and put back in place the spring unit the mattress rests on for a few more underbed inches. She liked living in Collins.</p>