Colombia Science Honors Program

I have no idea how to prepare for the honors program test.
I am taking both physics honors and biology honors and took earth science last year.
I am a freshman as well. I know that the hard math questions are similar to the ones on the AMC tests but I have questions on that. Is it the AMC 10, AMC 8. As well, which part of the test because I don’t think it is very efficient to do all of the test. My guess is that it is similar to 1-15 but I have no clue. Lastly, for the math questions were there a lot of geometry and probability questions or was it mainly algebra.
Thanks a lot if you have more tips add me on discord port#0002

Hi, I don’t have any tips as I’m a first-year applicant as well, but I was just wondering if you’ve gotten any information about the test dates yet? I applied and it marked my application as complete, but I haven’t gotten an email about test dates as of today.