Colorado College ED/EA 2023

I have not seen a thread for this yet so thought I would start one. Also has anyone received their portal who applied EA? I haven’t gotten mine yet.

I think that’s a little concerning if you don’t have your portal. I was sent my login as soon as I submitted my test scores, even before I submitted my application. That was about a month ago. I would check your email again and make sure you didn’t miss it!

Make sure to check your spam folders too. :slight_smile:

Oh awesome thanks guys! @DodosAreDead @courtneyl19 I realized they sent it super long ago before I even submitted application. I guess it was a preliminary app… Thanks again!

today’s the day?

I have withdrawn my app after being accepted ED elsewhere but I wish everyone the best. CC is really a great place, but regardless of what happens everything will work out. Good luck!!

i’m so nervous for wednesday! i just got deferred from my ED school, so getting into CC would feel so great. if i get in and then visit in january (i’ve visited but i feel like i need to again) and see myself being happy there, i might just decide to attend because i want this process to be over and i’m worried that my current grades (i’ve been tanking a bit) will prevent me from being competitive at my RD schools. however, i’m still expecting a deferral or rejection from CC because of their low admit rate.

@smallLAClover I’m super nervous for Wednesday too! CC is my top choice-i fell in love when I visited (but applied EA because of financial concerns). I already got deferred EA from my second choice, Uchicago, so if I don’t get in to CC I’ll be pretty upset! A girl at my school already got in to CC ED so I’m optimistic! Hoping for the best for us both, fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

I just got rejected from my first choice ED school, so any win, especially getting into CC, would be absolutely amazing.

Sat 1350
Almost full aid required
What are my chances now?
Also if i choose the fall semester away program will it increase my chances?
Everyone please post yiur stats and decisions

Accepted EA!
ACT: 33
Super excited bc I just got deferred from ED school

ACT: 33
does anyone know if merit aid would have been included in the letter or not?

Did you guys apply for financial aid

Yeah I did

I got accepted too! I also don’t know if merit is included in the online letter. Would it be in the packet coming in the mail???

ACT: 30

In past years, merit aid and financial aid are on the portal under the financial aid link. Unless you applied for the Barnes scholarship and that will come later.

@JOhn245, my daughter was deferred last year from EA to RD. She had stellar stats and a brother that was a current student. We were shocked. But, she contacted her CC rep and wrote a letter to be added to her file saying that CC was her first choice and updated them with things that had happened since she submitted her app. She was accepted RD. Ask your school counselor to contact them also and give you another recommendation. If you really want to go to CC and it is your first choice, let them know. My daughter did not want to do the fall semester abroad, so she told them no on that. In the end, my daughter decided to go somewhere else.

Accepted ea! With a 32 act :slight_smile:

What sat score did she have and did she require aid? Also I don’t mind the fall semester away program so should i go for it? What should i email them? Please help