Colorado College rd

has anyone had experience getting in RD? their rd rate looks ridiculously slim- and digging around on this forum for a while it seems majority of those accepted through rd applied through ea first but were deferred… is there a point in applying or should I just leave it bc I already have 11 schools on my list w 7 reaches … and haven’t shown much demonstrated interest bc I only recently decided I liked this school. basically is it worth a try or not lol

@goldentrees100 my D was accepted In the EA round and like you, decided very last minute to apply. She had researched the school and it felt like a real fit, but she ultimately never attended any virtual info sessions and never interviewed. She was nervous about her ED decision and submitted a couple more last minute EA apps. Colorado had no app fee and the two supplements were straightforward. I say go for it! No regrets!

oh cool! I didn’t even know they had no app fee- I guess I’ll just go for it then:)

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@goldentrees100 good luck to you!

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In context, CC appears among the most selective liberal arts colleges:

U.S. News National Liberal Arts Colleges, by Selectivity Ranks

:black_small_square:︎1. Pomona
:black_small_square:︎2. Harvey Mudd
:black_small_square:︎2. Haverford
:black_small_square:︎4. Amherst
:black_small_square:︎5. Hamilton
:black_small_square:︎5. Swarthmore
:black_small_square:︎5. Williams
:black_small_square:︎8. Barnard
:black_small_square:︎8. Bowdoin
:black_small_square:︎10. Washington & Lee
:black_small_square:︎11. Wellesley
:black_small_square:︎12. Colorado College
:black_small_square:︎12. Smith
:black_small_square:︎12. Vassar

If your current list includes other LACs on this level, then you definitely should consider CC as well.

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Anyone know when RD date is?

I just got an email this morning–it will be released tomorrow (Tuesday the 16th) at 4 pm MDT.

Thanks & good luck! It’s going to be a big week.

My son applied to 1 school REA and was rejected. Then he applied to 16 schools regular decision, including Colorado College. He found out he was accepted today. He was shocked because he knows the acceptance rate for RD is so low.


I got accepted too! Totally unexpected and exciting because this is my first reach school I’ve heard back from :smiley:


AAH accepted! congrats guys!!

@goldentrees100 great news! Congratulations! I’m glad you applied after all!

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thank you! just got my acceptance package in the mail today and was surprised to find out I’d also been awarded the trustee scholarship!! thanks for the encouragement to apply :smiley:

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