Colorado College vs. University of Colorado Boulder

Trying to decide between the two schools. I’m planning on studying business but that’s just because I’m not exactly sure what I want to study. Looking for people to help give me insight about the two schools and ultimatley a decision…

Colorado College is a great school but does not offer a business major per se although it offers business courses especially entrepreneurial courses. It does offer an economics major which would be a good substitute.

I’d recommend considering the size of the two options and how you feel about that as well as how you feel about CC’ block plan structure.

@yeeeeetsauce , have you visited these 2 schools? They are very, very different. UC Boulder is huge, CC is very, very small. Block plan vs traditional semester school. Small classes vs big lecture size classes. Really the only similarities between the 2 are they are both in Colorado. If you haven’t visited, you should to see which one is a better fit for you. What about financially? Is that a factor. CC is an amazing school, but if you are not convinced the block plan is for you, that should be a huge factor.