Colorado College??<

<p>What do you all think of Colorado College? I'm just wondering what type of reputation it has. I was seriosuly considering applying, but many people who I mention it to has never really heard of it. They came to my HS today, and the representative was a little bizarre. Only two other people showed up for presentation, which was extremely dry, boring and short compared to the others I have gone to. The entire thing was awkward and the rep. acted and appeared to be very strange (I know, this shouldn't matter, but for someone who is on the fence constantly, little things can make me second guess myself)</p>

<p>So what do you think about Colorado College?</p>

<p>No personal knowledge...have heard that some northern/eastern kids use it as a geographical diversity play if they suspect they may not be able to get into LAC's in their own region.</p>

<p>An unusual academic calendar, to say the least. It's called the Block System. You take one course at a time, for 3-1/2 weeks, with a short break in between. Eight blocks per academic year. It lets you give full attention to the course you're taking, and facilitates taking courses off-campus (e.g., Geology in the Grand Canyon, French in France). </p>

<p>It's in Colorado Spings, which is a great location if you like hiking, skiing, mountain biking, etc.</p>

<p>Highly regarded academicly. One of 30 colleges in a book titled "The Hidden Ivies", which includes all the top LACs.</p>

<p>About 2,000 students, slightly more women than men.</p>

<p>My son had zero interest, because it doesn't have an engineering program (has a 3/2 program).</p>

<p>I know several students who go there and it is a wonderful experience for a particular type of student. The block system is great for those who prefer to focus on one course at a time. It's also a wonderful place for those really involved with the out doors.</p>

<p>It's a very good school, but not for everyone. If it seems like a match for your interests, you should definitely apply. The people who count have heard of it, and you can educate the rest.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies, good advice.</p>