Colorado School of Mines App: Do they need ACT and SAT scores before admission?

Hey guys,
I know this is oddly specific, but I can’t really seem to find straight answers from the school itself. Does anyone know if I need to send a score report before I apply, or do I self report and send them as a condition of acceptance? I did the golden application, and it had a self report section but it never implied that I needed to send them. I could’ve sworn I saw that I would just need to send them if I’m admitted, but on some pages on their site it says they need them? I’d rather not waste the money if I don’t have to.

Thanks everyone,

You can self-report the scores. If you are admitted and decide to enroll, then you will be required to submit official SAT/ACT score(s).

You self report on the app but you are also required to send them before they can officially review your application. You need to have your application, your official test scores and your official high school transcript submitted to have a complete file.

They won’t review your application until they have received an official score directly from ACT or Collegeboard. I confirmed it with them two weeks ago.

If in doubt call admissions to clarify.

That’s not correct. The website even says they will take self-reported scores. If accepted and planning to attend you have to send the official prior to enrollment.

Online Application
Official or Self-Reported SAT or ACT Scores
Official High School Transcripts”

^^ You are right. I got confused with official high school transcripts. Sorry.