Colorado School of Mines Best Dorms

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I was recently accepted to CSM took a visit to the school in November but I am still unsure of what the best dorm for me would be. I am not interested in community bathrooms so I think that narrows my choices down to Maple and Weaver. Is that correct? And on my visit, I was so excited and jazzed up that I forgot a lot of the details about each residence hall. To you undergrads already there, what are the dorms really like? Is it hard, even if you have a private bathroom, sharing it with 4-6 other people? How many sinks do you have?

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Do the dorms have A/C? Or only some dorms? And which are the newer dorms?

^^ Anyone know ^^ ?

I believe all the dorms have A/C with the exception of the Traditional Halls. Maple seems to have the reputation for being the nicest, as it was more recently renovated and has the jack-and-jill style bathrooms rather than community style. Weaver and Elm are fairly new and have more of a community style, but besides the A/C issue, the dorms all seem very comparable, and whichever you choose wouldn’t make too much of a difference in the end.

I am currently a freshman at Mines. There is no “Best Dorm” because it depends what you are looking for.

  • Weaver: everything is smaller, tight-knit community (they have a lot of fun together!)
  • Maple: I live here. Rooms are a decent size, everything is quieter. Closest residence hall to Mines Market.
  • Elm: sort of Maple-y
  • Trads: further away, very social (a lot of people just keep their doors open all the time.

I don’t think it’s hard to share a bathroom at all (currently, there are four of us sharing one). This entire school year, I’ve had to pee when someone was already in there only like one time. It is also nice since the bathrooms connect the rooms; if I forget my key and my roommate isn’t home, my suitemates can let me in :slight_smile: Each room gets its own sink. The bathroom has a shower with a curtain and a toilet with a stall.