Colorado State Honors College

My son just got admitted to the Colorado State Honors College, which we are excited about. What is living in the Academic Village honors dorms like? What is the school like? If your child participated in the honors college, what did he or she think? He’s definitely looking at Colorado State, especially now that he can be in the honors college, but we haven’t been able to visit, and he’s waiting to hear from some other schools.

Congratulations on your son getting admitted! Here is a more recent thread of a parent getting some info on CSU’s Honors College:

Thank you! This thread has some good information.

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Is there addtional merit aid offered if you are admitted to honors college? Trying to decide if my son should apply or not.

My S received $1000/yr for being admitted to the honors college, but there might be an extra cost for joining honors. I haven’t looked into the total costs yet for all of his possible schools.

Honors at CSU looks really good and is one of my son’s top choices.


My daughter got in as well. Have you decided yet? We’re waiting on a couple more schools then we’ll decide.

No he hasn’t decided yet. We are taking him to visit the school in a couple of weeks so until then, he will not be able to make a decision. We were also waiting for some UC decisions. Now that those are out, and we now know what merit he will be getting at Utah, we’re going to go through all the schools in the coming weeks.

Ok. Good luck. My daughter got into a couple of UC schools but so expensive out of state. At least at CSU she got the WUE. We’re just waiting on a couple of schools in NC then she’ll decide.