Colorado state undeclared engineering interest

My son just got his acceptance to CSU. It says he’s been accepted to the undeclared engineering interest track. We knew it was hard to get straight into the engineering program. I am trying to figure out exactly what this is! It seems to be different than plain undeclared or undeclared exploring. Does anyone know how his works? And can be live in the engineering dorm as a freshman with this track? Thanks!

If I’m not mistaken, it means that he is accepted into the Engineering program, but has yet to declare his intended major. I applied to all of my schools with undeclared engineering as my major (including CSU) because I plan to make a decision during my freshman year.
NCSU requires all engineering freshman to apply into the specific engineering department at the end of their first year, and I assume CSU is similar to this.

@isaac74 @Aaaaaaaaghhh At Colorado State, mechanical engineering and BME , are both “competitive” majors , but most of the others should be open for engineering track students who earn Bs. Its still possible to work ones way into mechanical engineering, but will need to get a higher GPA than other majors. This is the same at Purdue and many other top public engineering programs.