Colorado State University - In State vs Out of State tuition

How difficult is it to get in state tuition at CSU if you move to Colorado from Texas? My daughter would like to live in CO (she will have a job) but she would also like to attend one of the Universities in CO. I spoke to admissions at CSU and they made it sound like all my daughter had to do was change her DL, register her auto in CO, and a few other hoops for 12 months.

I’ve been told getting in state tuition is very difficult in CO.

Has anyone had experience with this?

My experience was with CU-Boulder, not CSU, but it was difficult. If she is under 22 she would have be an emancipated minor, meaning that she would have to prove that she received no monetary support from parents. I was turned down the first time because the tuition classification officer did not believe I had made enough money to be self-sufficient (I invited him to follow me around for a week or two to learn about frugality, but… in the end I just reapplied later and succeeded). I am surprised that CSU would suggest this, but maybe they have some magic?
Here’s the state’s official info.

I believe its a little easier to establish residency to gain in state tuition at Colorado State, because cost of living in Fort Collins is so much less than Boulder, so easier to prove emancipation. Also, Colorado State is growing in size and looking for students. CU Boulder is not growing quite as much, except in a few majors like computer science.