Colorado State vs FAU Honors vs Uni at Buffalo (Economics Major)

So my dad’s friends recommend Colorado, but I’m more inclined towards Buffalo and FAU’s Honor College. As an international student I’m very unsure about the general popularity and ranking of the schools, and each site I visit offers a difference in them, often by very large margins. They’re all extremely inviting when you watch promotional videos.

Colorado State and Colorado are two different schools.

What program are you looking at?

@twoinanddone Oh sorry, I meant Colorado State. It’s for my undergrad (BA)

Not sure if you’ve made a decision yet but I am from Buffalo and there is not much to do there and it gets extremely cold in the winter. Buffalonians are also quite different than what you probbaly imagine a typical new yorker is like. They have a very odd and distinctive personality that you cant explain unless you visit and see. I also attended Colorado State last year. Colorado is an amazing and beautiful state. There is so much to do everywhere. Many people are moving here- we call it the new California. Ranking wise CSU is a better school than SUNYBuffalo. Fort Collins and CSU are not for everyone, Im actually transferring because I didnt like the school. Its a big school and a big campus but some people love that!