Columbia 2014 waitlist updates: Post here.

<p>To summarize current findings:</p>

<p>*A handful of lucky folk (both US and international) have been admitted off the waitlist for Columbia College. They were informed by e-mail at around 5/7. There is a possiblity this will not be the only wave of CC acceptances off the waitlist, but no one really knows.
*No one has been admitted off the SEAS waitlist thus far. Seems many or all people (both US and international) have received identical e-mails on 5/10 saying that the SEAS class is full. One person so far received an e-mail offer to stay on an extended waitlist (no offense, but we know how well that went last year). Sources say it is highly unlikely for the SEAS waitlist to be used.</p>

<p>Oh god, when will this end!?!?!?!?!</p>

<p>Here's the text of the email for the extended waitlist for completeness. </p>

In my prior correspondence, I promised you more news concerning your candidacy for Columbia University. As things now stand, we have filled our class and cannot be sure that we will have places to offer any more students.</p>

<p>We have officially released the great majority of our waitlisted candidates, but we are holding on to a small group of students should any additional openings occur. We would like to offer you the opportunity to have a place on this extended waitlist, although I understand that this may serve only to prolong your suspense. Of course, there are no guarantees that there will be any movement, and we must emphasize that the chance that we will be able to offer you a place at Columbia is small, but we are offering you the option of holding on just a little longer. We will continue to keep you up to date on your status through the month of June.


<p>Thanks! :) Also, I honestly wish you the best of luck, SixthDeclension, should you decide to stay on the list :).</p>

<p>Did CC finish sending waitlist acceptance/rejection letters...? I haven't received anything...</p>

<p>Hi, I am a tour guide with the Admissions office and I just posted this in another thread. To clarify, Columbia released most of the SEAS waitlist, but the Committee is still reviewing candidates for Columbia College. Updated correspondence will be sent via email.</p>

<p>@ColumbiaURC: ARe you able to release any information on how many were waitlisted and how many they are looking to take?</p>

<p>^apparently they never release that information....which i dont understand but whatever</p>

<p>Columbia is moving to its CC waitlist. There has been a report of students' guidance counselors being contacted by phone.</p>

<p>why don't you understand? it would give you a false sense of hope or a false sense of hopelessness. the less you know the less you can be freaked out about. let the process work itself out.</p>

<p>Well, I don't believe that most people are continuously dogging this's more for people who don't want to completely get lost after the post-April 1st haze.</p>

<p>^lol, exactly. And sort of for masochists, too, given how much stress and pyschological pain we could prolly avoid if we didn't follow these threads ;)</p>

<p>Another applicant to CC has been admitted off the waitlist.</p>

<p>I got into CC off the waitlist todayyy !</p>

<p>Yeah I just got in. It was sent a 12:00 am (midnight) yesterday (GMT +1), I'm in France. Good luck to you guys.</p>

<p>so it was sent to me... May 14th at 4pm ET in America. </p>

<p>considering they give me until the 21st to respond, I would expect the next wave to come out at some time after that day.</p>

<p>Do you think Columbia will notify anyone today--on Saturday? what time?</p>

<p>It appears that there have been two waves of acceptances off the waitlist thus far -- one on May 7th, and the second occured a week later, on May 14th.</p>

<p>bumping this thread b/c a lot of rejections got sent out today.. did anyone get in?</p>

<p>I haven't heard that anyone got in...I was offered a spot on the extended waitlist and am accepting. There's at least three others on college confidential that are also being put on the extended waiting list...but hus far no reported acceptances :P</p>

<p>I JUST GOT IN OFF THE EXTENDED WAITLIST. so idk what that means for everyone else, but yeah, don't give up hope!!</p>

<p>Oh my gosh, really?!?! CONGRATS!!!!! Haha im pretty committed to my state school at this point (40-50 credits vs. ~8 at columbia ;)), so now i can just feel super happy to see someone getting in! =D Wow, talk about something that calls for celebration!!!</p>