Columbia Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

received an email yesterday, submitted my application Jan 1st (i’m an international applicant btw)


Did anyone else get the letter about summer emersion from the dean?

Did anyone else get the HEOP email from Columbia?

Did Columbia send out likely letters this year? How many people typically get one?

Still waiting for interview. Anyone know of cut off dates?


Not sure, but I did mine last Tuesday (applied late Dec)

Finally, received an email requesting an interview. Applied like an hour before the deadline on Jan. 1.

omg I did too! I did my interview like two weeks ago.

I applied on December 20th and got my interview on January 10th. I’m an international student Btw

Does everyone gets interview from Columbia?

No, everyone does not get an interview.

My counselor submitted my mid-year report but there isn’t anything on my checklist that notes that (there isn’t even a mid-year report section). is this how it is for everyone?

same here about the Mid-Year report. It does not show on the portal.

Has anyone NOT gotten an interview yet? NC here. It’s so weird cuz everyone else in my area has been interviewed except for me. Also did anybody receive a LL from Columbia yet? I haven’t heard from them since I received my portal. it’s just weird.

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My D has not been offered an interview either. Out of all the ivies she applied to, Columbia is the only school she hasn’t interviewed with.

My son has had several Ivy interviews, but no word from Columbia.

My son has interviewed for Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Penn and MIT. He has not heard from Columbia either.

Got interviewed by Stanford, Upenn, Princeton, MIT, Yale but awaiting Harvard & Columbia. All these colleges have a huge number of applicants. Maybe different prioritizations by Harvard & Columbia (no rational basis though)

whats a LL? excuse my ignorance