Columbia Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

I haven’t seen a thread for columbia RD applicants yet, so starting that here!

Feel free to post your stats, ec’s, etc.


does anyone know when they start contacting applicants for interviews?

Idk honestly

Has anyone gotten their portal yet?

Yes, I have.

hey everyone!!!

hii this is like a dumb question lol but not everyone gets contacted for interviews right? and if they don’t is that a bad thing?

I think for intl students it’s a bad thing. Not sure about domestic students.

No, I don’t think everyone gets contacted and it shouldn’t negatively impact your admission chances

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Does anyone know when they announce the final decisions?

mid march i think

Late March

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I could be wrong, but I have Ivy Day 2021 on my calendar as March 31st.

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no, it’s based on availability and you will not be at a disadvantaged. My daughter applied for class of 2024 and Columbia University was the only school that didn’t give her an interview. In the end, she was “waitlisted.”

yes this is correct. brown’s website says that RD letters will be available online on March 31st.

That was a placeholder. Ivy Day has been announced as April 6. Likely the result of an increase in applications.

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Ah, I just got an email from Yale saying the same thing, and that they will release at 7:00pm.

Has anyone received an email to schedule an alumni interview from Columbia for Class of 2025 admissions? Submitted my application in November 2020.

yes i have - my interview is tomorrow actually! i think it is based off of where you live and whether there are available alumni to interview applicants, so i don’t think anyone needs to worry if they don’t get one (i’m an international student from hong kong btw)

My son has not heard anything about an interview yet. He applied end of Dec. though.