Columbia College Chicago Impressions

<p>I saw earlier on the board someone posted about started threads for our own respective schools...I didn't see Columbia yet, so I thought I would jump on it.</p>

<p>I don't like it at Columbia. Some people adore it...not me. I want a small ensemble of people to work with. Columbia hold the largest theatre department in the world - about 700 to 800 majors during a given time. Maybe about 200 or so MT this year, and 100 of those, are freshmen. No audition process makes for the large numbers, but if you can get past that, more power to you. There are lots of opportunities to be involved though, lots of auditions, lots of productions, you name it, they got it. Dance is VERY VERY sparse. You are only required to take Musical Theatre dance I, II, and III. That is if you can get it into your schedule because there are several hundred other people trying to get in as well. Singing is also very sparse, as an MT major you have to pass like 5 theory courses and be a junior before you can get private lessons. So seeking outside teachers is almost always happening here. Some former graduates offer reasonably priced lessons, but they don't count for credit. If you register late, be prepared to take nothing in regards to your major. I have Acting I, Music Theory (which I could have tested out of but I was a late registrant and missed the tests), Women's Health Care and US History. However, you do not have to live on campus and you typically would have enough time to hold down a job as well, if you managed your time wisely. I am a full-time student, have my own apartment, and work about 36 hours a week as well and have been involved with productions. It can be done. And they base everything by semester, not by full year. </p>

<p>I auditioned all over the place and was accepted (Evansville, AMDA, Baldwin-Wallace, Elon, Ill. Wesleyan, Millikin, Northwestern) and was waitlisted at my first choice (Roosevelt) and eventually not accepted then decided to go to Millikin because they gave me the most financial aid. However, when it came to getting a student loan for the remaining amounts, I had no eligible co-signers and was denied 46 times for loans - long story short - I ended up here in Chicago at Columbia. </p>

<p>Since I am not happy here, I have decided to not return next semester and start fresh for the Fall of 07. My number one choice remains with Roosevelt. Both of my best friends attend there as MT freshman (both male - Roosevelt took tons of males this year and there are like 12-15 girls in a class of 51 freshmen....kinda shocking) and I am decently known by lots of people there. My acting coach that I will be working with starting I believe next week is on staff there and my voice teacher studied there in the music conservatory. So here's hoping that works out in my favor.</p>

<p>If anyone has questions about Columbia/going to school in Chicago/whatever you can think of, please do not hesitate to ask.</p>

<p>Hi, I have a couple of questions...for columbia, I know that there are a lot of students that go there after being cut from depaul, do they start as freshman, or are they transfered as sophomores?</p>

<p>And for roosevelt, i'm assuming you are talking about the MT program, but do you know anything about the acting program, like how many people they accept and how people like it and so forth? Thanks!</p>

<p>Kelsee--Sorry about what happened to you. I hope it all works out great for you as audition again for Roosevelt.</p>

<p>you would transfer as a sophomore</p>

<p>um there are some either errors or things that have definitely changed at columbia. </p>

<p>"Singing is also very sparse, as an MT major you have to pass like 5 theory courses and be a junior before you can get private lessons."</p>

<p>its all about the way you schedule. I took a group voice class first and second semester freshman year and started private voice first semester of my sophomore year.</p>

<p>"Dance is VERY VERY sparse. You are only required to take Musical Theatre dance I, II, and III. That is if you can get it into your schedule because there are several hundred other people trying to get in as well."</p>

<p>We now have MT Tap and many more sections of dace. None of the dance levels are ever filled!</p>

<p>The thing with columbia is its all about getting passed freshman year... Once most of the students who cant hack it drop out or are asked to switch majors the school has alot to offer... or just do your research and make sure u take classes with teachers who will make the first year worth your while.</p>

<p>Um, I am going out on a limb here and will bluntly state that there are SO many wonderful schools listed on this site. I do not recommend Columbia to anyone interested in MT. If you are into film or photography then it is great. We too were drawn into looking at this school...the appeal of being in Chicago was enticing, but our visit there was herrendous. Sorry, but sending my kids into buildings that are guarded by security guards who sit behind bullet proof glass is not my idea of an environment condusive to what I am going to spend lots of $$$$$ on. The admissions councelor was a pure jerk...and I will end it there as I think you get the idea. I told you I was going to be was not a nice first visit of our college research days...glad it is over!!</p>

<p>SUE aka 5pants</p>

<p>um What building were you in cuz i've been a columbia student for 3 years and have never been in a building that has a guard behind bullet proof glass. Sorry you didn't have a good experience,</p>

<p>Jiddir, it was 4-5 years I can't recall the name of the buildings. I believe one was where acting was held....but not sure. The facilities were not impressive, but then none of the schools in Chicago had upgraded facilities, all were outdated. Perhaps things have changed since. We visited first week of school and we were amazed at the number of kids still trying to enroll.</p>

<p>Certainly I am now looking at this process with new eyes since my guys have retrospect and I share this with not settle for "easy" your homework and research the schools thouroughly...CC is a great start!</p>

<p>that makes sense. well there is no more bullet proof glass. The facilities are old but they are building a completely new theatre facility that is suppose to be one of the best in the country upon completion but that wont be done for at the very minimum of 5 years. If you were looking 4 or 5 years ago I'm sure your experience was terrible everyone I've talked to who looked at the school back then thought it was terrible. We've almost quadrupled in size since then and our theatre department was only founded a few years before then so it was very rough and new and had 0 dollars behind it. things have definitely changed.</p>

<p>so, columbia college is good for film? ive been accepted there and AMDA and Im trying to figure out where to go. i know it's not an audition school, but it seems really nice and into tv and film and that's what i want. but AMDA would be nice because it's in LA and might have better training. (and weather) but i dont know! any help? suggestions?</p>

<p>My daughter's friend goes there and absolutely loves it! He has already worked with people from Second City and finds all the classes very informative. The academic classes are not particularly difficult which is good for him also! Every school is different for every kid - have you gone on Facebook to see if there's a group there for each of your choices?</p>

<p>Several kids from my high school theatre department have gone on to Columbia, as well - some for acting and some for musical theatre. They all love it. </p>

<p>Only complaint I've heard is that, coming from CA, the weather is a difficult adjustment. :)</p>

<p>Do you have to live on campus freshman year?</p>

I visited there last January and got accepted into their commerical/contemporary music performance program, but decided not to go. When I visited, it looked nice. The weather kinda made for a miserable visit, but that’s Chicago (used to live there for awhile). It seems like they place more focus on their theatre, film, photography than their music programs. The staff seemed nice. The apartment/dorm building they showed my tour group, the rooms were the biggest out of any college visit I’ve been to (ColoState, UNLV, UC Denver, Notre Dame, Colorado College, some others). The doorms looked modern and kinda nice, to me, almost how I would want a personal apt to look like. I almost considered applying to UI Chicago. The cost turned me off and later I realized I wanted to stay in-state. I hope that those who go there enjoy it! It must be fun being surrounded and learning in an arts environment!(: