Columbia College Chicago

<p>I was just wondering if anyone could explain to me how the BFA Acting program at CC works? Do you audition once you get in? How do they determine who makes it into their BFA?</p>

<p>There no longer is BFA program at Columbia. All of the BFA classes will be available but everyone will now get a BA degree.</p>

<p>I am confused. The BFA program is still listed on their website. My D is interested in the MT program. Is the BFA eliminated for MT as well? How do you know? Why did they decide to make the change?</p>

<p>Call the head of the theater dept and she will explain the details. I think it's ms turner. Been awhile since we talked.</p>

<p>I have heard nothing but negative things about Columbia College. If you want a good MT school in chicago, go across the street to Roosevelt...CCPA is pretty reputable</p>

<p>Anxious4answers - CCC has an open admissions policy (or something very close to it), and so it cannot be compared fairly with CCPA/Roosevelt, which is an auditioned program. We visited both schools last summer, and actually preferred the overall environment at CCC. Their film facilities are spectacular, and they had the nicest dorms we saw anywhere. It is also less expensive than most private colleges. They cannot guarantee course placement for students, however, and - since it is open to anyone - there might be lots of unmotivated students in classes. It is a very good "safety" college for students interested in arts and media, therefore (especially those with sub-optimal grades and/or test scores, who won't be competitive for non-audition BA programs at many liberal arts colleges). It offers a great location, an arts-oriented community with adequate facilities, and appears to have fairly decent internship opportunities. We felt that CCPA/Roosevelt was a superb music school, but that the theater program was not very exciting. I think that they are much stronger for musical theater and vocal performance than they are for dramatic acting. That might have been an unfair conclusion, but my son opted not to audition there. He also didn't like Roosevelt University overall, and felt that CCC would provide a more agreeable environment.</p>

<p>anxious4answers - I have heard wonderful things about Columbia College Chicago! As stagemum said - it's what each student makes of it. We have a friend who is currently a senior (well, for another few days anyway!) and he had made the most of it like I've never seen. The schools flexibility and creativity has allowed him all sorts of opportunities he would not have gotten at many other schools. I for one am very impressed with all the programs that are offered IF you are self-motivated and take full advantage of what they offer.</p>